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Default Best Wide Rimmed Discs

Hey guys, I’ve been playing Disc Golf on and off for maybe a year now and I have probably 6-7 discs in my bag but mainly just stick to two of them(Deatroyer and Knight). Are there any other really good wide rimmed discs for Finger Popping(Sidearm) throwers? Thanks!
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#1: this should be in the equipment section.
#2: you'll probably get x number of people telling you x different discs are "best".
#3: in reality, all discs are round and can succeed as flyers
#4: it's best to "throw your buddy's" and find out which ones fit your style / arsenal...and then get those.

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When I was in my forehand throwing heyday 20-25 years ago, conventional wisdom was to throw something overstable. We had Whippets and X-Clones and Banshees, among others. The rims weren't wide at all by today's standards. I usually only hyzered with them, and was pretty good at flip-hyzering a Banshee that had hit three or four trees for some distance that was serviceable in Am-1.

Now it's common to see good players FH all sorts of kinds of Discs at all the angles. Even midranges and putters! There weren't many of us in the old days who did it.

That rim width corresponds with the speed the Disc needs to do what it's designed to do. I'm of the opinion that very few players ought to be throwing high-speed drivers for regular air shots. Unless you're really good, you're going to be more accurate with a slower driver, and the difference in distance between the two is negligible until you are good enough to capitalize on it anyway. (It's a different story if you use a fast driver on purpose when you need a skip on a trick shot...)

I don't do well above speed 9 personally (Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Thunderbird, etc.). I might get another 20 feet out of a Blizzard Destroyer but there's a good chance it's going to be at the expense of control.

I'm all backhand now, by the way. All those forehands in the nineties with not-so-good form using brute strength took its toll on my elbow and it alerts me with some pain when I try forehand drives today. It's easy to screw up something in your shoulder or elbow if your forehand form isn't good, so be careful there!

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Finger Pop what ya got, yo!
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Best is a very subjective term. That having been said, a Leopard is a great place to start. Particularly in Champion plastic.
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Best at what? For what? What are you trying to achieve? Questions this vague will not let us help you at all.

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First, If you're THIS new to the sport I would not suggest a super Wide rim disc.

BUT since you asked. the fastest/best wide rimmed discs I've used would be the MVP Teleport and the Axiom Delirium

they absolutely Crush. and both would be good for a forehand. The Teleport flies like 15/5/-1/2.5 and the Delirium 15/5/-0.5/3 so it is more overstable. They ARE that fast. I crushed the delirium yesterday and cleared a 450ft stream (about 470 ft throw) and I parked a 440ft shot - I played with a dude for almost 10 years and he goes "I dont think I've ever seen you cross the creek" and I said....I have, but first time youve seen it, and these disc BOMB

again, you asked for it, now go and throw bro
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Aerobie Epic. The groove a close second.

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