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I used to be a forehand only player and I have found that I can throw my Infinite Discs Pharoah the furthest, by far, out of all of the discs I have ever thrown.
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i'm in pretty much the same boat as you (both distance-wise & disc searching-wise), so interested in seeing what responses you get.

a pretty beefy 175g pop-top Star Wraith is currently one of my furthest flying FH discs when i throw it on some anhyzer for a flex with sick glide. when thrown flat i don't get that much distance out if it, but a very predictable fade.

some other discs i've tried out recently in search for the perfect distance FH discs are:

Star Wraith (pretty flat 166g) - started out loving it, but is a bit too understable and unpredictable. need to experiment with throwing flip-up hyzer lines more with this. works well in tailwinds (as one would assume).

ESP Nuke SS (172g new stamp with flight numbers) - worked well for max d s-curves when thrown hard & flat, also flip-up hyzers. sensitive to angles and wants quite some power to fly the way i assume is intended.

Z-Lite Nuke (162g pop-top) - even in lighter plastic this thing is very stable. have used it for some of the same throws i use my above mentioned Wraith, and flies similarly but faster/longer. doesn't sit as comfortably in my hand as a Wraith though.

S-line DDx (170g) - definitely not as stable as my beefy Wraith or Nuke, as i found out when trying to flex it on the same lines. i think it has potential as a far flying controllable FH disc when thrown flat & hard for golf lines, and anhyzers that you want to hold that line for longer. will experiment more.

ESP Kong (mcbeth proto 169g flat-ish) - feels similar to the DDx in some ways, as i can get some turn out of it when thrown hard & flat. comfortable in hand, need to pick this up again and work on it more.

following this thread for more suggestions
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Originally Posted by R-Ogre View Post
Exactly why I’m trying to understand the OPs reasoning. I think a stable Valk (maybe max weight Champ?) would be a fantastic forehand hyzer flip disc for someone with 300ish power.
(For reference, I mostly drive with Thundys and a Valk)
Stable is a almost flat top or maybe would make the 3 top cut but in Star not Champion, then the mold feel of a Valkyrie will fly more like an Innova Viking.
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Took a number of discs mentioned out to a field and hammered out a flat, low FH shot with each. If I was off my mark and gave it a little too much height or allowed the nose to creep up, retrieved and re-threw.

These included a couple of flavors of Wraith, and of Trespasses, a Shryke, a Tern, a DDX, maybe something else. Just a stack of stuff off my shelf to test. They all landed in a fairly tight grouping TBH, with a champ tern resulting in the farthest throw by a matter of maybe 10-15' further than second place, and only no more than 30-40' farther than the shortest.

Then I asked my buddy to try the domey TP sword I gave him the other day, which I had written off as possibly too similar to the Wraith, a mold I was more fond of and familiar with. Sure enough, a number of feet farther than the Tern. Same shot, very little turn with a pronounced, gliding fade, just a little bit farther than the rest.

So yeah, I'll probably be bagging a Sword. If I decide squeezing every last foot out of a forehand shot is worth the trouble.

In the shop later that day I checked out a couple of other things I was curious about - has anyone noticed that the Ballista Pro looks almost exactly like a Sword in profile that was stretched to a wider rim size? I figured why go even faster than the speed 11-12 Sword if it was outdoing faster discs anyway. Checked out a Sheriff too, didn't wow me, came up with some reason at the time that I should not worry about testing it out.

If anything now I would like to pick up something to complement the sword, too bad they didn't make them in recycled plastic as far as I could tell. I will have to see how they fit into the backhand lineup if at all, and possibly rely on something flippy I already bag for straighter, more controlled FH distance shots. I will note that if I were to lean on a Champ Tern for this shot, I would naturally have some flippier options in other plastics readily available.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and constructive criticism - I do appreciate that it sounded like each and every one of you meant the best with your suggestions of slower, more controllable discs.

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Awesome, the Sword flies great. I've never FH'd one but I do think they backhand amazingly straight and glidey. Similar to the Trespass in a lot of ways and I love the Trespass. I agree that the Sword/Tern are kind of similar, but I prefer the feel of the Sword.

In that case the Sheriff isn't what you want, it's noticeably faster and with more fade. So don't feel like it's a must try unless you are flipping the Sword a lot.

The Flow is an interesting choice as a more overstable Sword complement too if you like that deeper feel and glide over speed. They go far. Note they are a "more overstable Sword", I'm not saying they are truly OS. Domey though.
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I found A169 pro boss to be my best because it's not to over stable and will turn and glyde out my next is a cloud breaker which is noticeably more stable than the boss C can crank on it harder .. Been trying to use less stable disks on forehand
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Champion Tern. Much more stable than you'd think, and just wants to stay in the air. Glides to daaaaayyyyys.

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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Hey dudes,

Always looking to maximize my FH distance with low power (no longer than 300' typically) but decent finesse.

I understand and anticipate the differences between the popular Innova and DC drivers, but I am less familiar with the somewhat more recent warp speed drivers from trilogy.

I am specifically looking for a FH driver which combines ludicrous speed and glide with relatively neutral stability - I would say something like 12+ / 6 / -1 to -2 / 2 to 3

I'm thinking if it's not a Shryke or pro destroyer I seek, or possibly a crank, I would like to lean on Euroglide and try one of the new trilogy options.

These include the Ballista and BP, the Sorcerer, the Sheriff and the Raider (and maybe Havoc? Looks comfy for FH.)

Can anyone compare and contrast these, or suggest something else? For reference I found the Queen to be too flippy for this slot, and the Defender, while having a very comfy, smooth grip, is too OS for true hyzer flip distance FHs.
First off, +1 for using 'ludicrous speed' -
I would suggest an MVP Octane - its flight # to me is 13/5/-1/3 - some runs may have a lil more turn and a lil less fade. Others are fairly beefy but they have more glide than Destroyers and a lil more turn out the gate.

Now if you want PLAID speed - Might I suggest the MVP Teleport or the Axiom Delirium, if you have a cannon the Delirium just crushes. ITs more OS so can handle a power FH.

If looking at Octanes I really like a 171-173g Neutron.
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I dont bag one at the moment. The pharaoh is the longest disc I've ever thrown, sidearm and backhand. It consistently flys farther than my Destroyers & DD3s.
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Thought my boss was longest..started trying to throw more understable found star shryke was best if you start it hyzer...then randomly got a very domey pro beast....money..and learn9ng to throw more understable hard and not flip was the best part for overall
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