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Originally Posted by Jay Dub View Post
Comet and it irritates me. I see others throw it the way I love making a disc fly but it just doesn't work for my grip.
Horrible hand feel. I never felt like I could grip a Comet properly. Worst feeling mid I've ever picked up.
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Mako3 for me. My hand didn't click with it and never got a clean release from it. If I remember correctly it felt really deep for a mid range.
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Originally Posted by jakebake91 View Post
Innova discs in general.
#MeToo (except for DX Rocs and Polecats)

And all Discraft

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Destroyer - The speed is the main issue for me with this mold. I don't get any gain in distance from jumping past speed 11's. It's not hard for me to find really OS Wraiths so I just don't bother with the Destroyer. It's completely useless for me BH.

Roc - The flight & speed of the Roc are great but the big bead just wrecks it. I totally understand the love for this one but I'm Buzzzing all day. My first several years playing in Eastern NC all I heard were players talking about 'beat in Rocs'. It was always annoying hearing about this open-ended spot where a disc (dx or pro) was supposed to be worn into. I still don't throw base plastics to this day.

Tern - I could get an incredible flight out this maybe 1 out of 4 throws. It is just too thin & a little too squirrelly. I can throw lighter weight Wraiths just as far & much more consistently.

Envy - I usually don't mind microbeads but it got to me on this mold. I can't remember if it was a microbead or just an odd feeling at the bottom of the rim. Good flight though.

Luna - As a putter I just don't like it all. Funny that it's so similar in design to my favorite putter ever (Roach) & I didn't click with it. It feels much thinner & the stiffer plastic just isn't for me. Regular Jawbreaker is much better.
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Aviars. Don’t really care for them. Blasphemy, I know.

Also not a big fan of Rocs.

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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post
Latitude 64 River
I was lucky to borrow one and it was love at first throw. But then I bought a couple of my own and haven't had much luck using them as regular throwers. I don't like them at all now, go figure.
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Roc - not comfy in the hand.

Leopard - the rim is just so small. Shallow and thin.

Gator - worst feeling disc in the hand of all time, probably. Don’t know how people throw these.

Harp - too deep, and the vertical inner rim doesn’t help.

I’m sure there are others. I’m picky with hand feel, in short.
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Originally Posted by GoobyPls View Post
Wizard. Doesn't work for my spush putt
Also Wizard. But not because of putting. Felt great for putting, beefy feel for backhand. But I couldn't flick it. I can flick every other disc I own. Polecats, Putt'rs, ultimate discs, every other putter I've tried. I don't know if it was the rim shape or what, but something would catch on my finger and the release would be terrible. As a predominantly forehand player, a disc I can't flick is a no go.

I like the Voodoo though.
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I tend to like discs that others hate, rather than the other way around. That being said:

Eagle - people around these here parts love 'em, but I've never had any luck with 'em.

Aviar P&A - another one that is popular but I never saw why...

Wizard - I don't hate it, but i never clicked with it, and it wasn't for a lack of trying. Just too brickish, i.e. not glidey enough for me.

Firebird, Destroyer - people love 'em and they sell out the wazoo, but they don't work well for me because of their overstability.

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I hate discs with gigantic beads or sharp rims. Being the Discraft fan I am there are several in the DC lineup I cannot stand: Comet, Predator, Wasp, Anax and whatever that latest mid McBeth is rocking - can't stand any of them. Then there are the lid putters like the Rattler. Holy crap do I ever hate the grip on that thing.

They're all great discs I'm sure I just don't like them.
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