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I have been lucky enough to meet the guy who created the nearest course from my town (2 hours drive...).
I told him about my disc golf club and he said : well... I have 18 baskets I don't use anymore... Do you want them?


And my town agreed to put them in the beautiful public parc!
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Wow dude. Just hope there are people planning the course who know what they are doing. Not trying to rain on your parade just sayin. And hope it catches on with the general public too and theres not too much traffic from other park users. You know all these things. But it can get a little more attenuated when its a new sport in the area.

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There is a guy from the national french team living just 30 minutes away. He has already designed a few courses. He will help me to design this one.

And most of the parc is without users. So it's great, it's like finally there is some people really enjoying the parc, and those people are the disc golfers!

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I met Harkey Puck at a tournament last summer in which both me and my daughter played. She was really new to the game and everyone there was super supportive and the whole community including the TDs were awesome. Harkey Puck came back from his car during the lunch break of the first day with a super lightweight sidewinder that he gave her just because he thought she'd get good use out of it, and mind you, I hadn't even met him before, he was just being thoughtful. My 9 y/o son now uses it... it's his favorite disc! Then also at this tournament, the TD gave her all sorts of extra stuff, other winners donated their winnings so she could buy herself a bag, etc. And this supportive sentiment really resonates within the community!

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On my trip to the west coast in 2018 I played Milo (it was amazing) with a group of random guys I met on the first tee. One of them gave me an Aviar3 that was given to him by GG right out of his bag. I don't throw Aviar3s or even like them but the guy insisted because he said GG would approve.

I'm still looking for the right person to gift to it, ideally a GG fan.
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Yes! When I started in 2012, I threw mostly blizzard discs as that was right when they were released. I had a lot of trouble performing in windy conditions and mentioned my frustration on FB. At a tournament, a random guy walks up and says "Hey I want you to have this Gator. It's 163g and it will hold up against the wind, I saw your post."

I still use the green Gator to this today. The guy lived in Alaska I believe.

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Found an 11x KC Pro Aviar in 2009 that is 173 grams or 175 grams with only a first name in the disc not even a last name and not a single other identifying marker in the disc. This was at Wisp Ski resort in Maryland. I gave disc to my mom as she uses Classic Grid Aviar discs, thought the disc could be the OS of the Classic Grid for my mom. She used it at the time for her wind putter, she dose not have a strong arm very wimpy so it will work for a wind fighting putter for her.

Dad found in 2005 a old Pro label Champion Firebird FAF or Thunderbird FAF style, I think one of the late era CE plastic that he kept and uses as a high wind driver. There was a name and phone number but missing the area code in the disc and had faded but was still readable. we tried the South Dakota Area code but nothing saying number you are trying to dial is non existent and then tried some nearby states with no luck. My thought was the Disc was an Ebay buy and the company never got to fixing the name on the disc before he lost it. Color was not great, a smoky clear/gray or clear/charcoal color with a rainbow foil stamp from the era of 2003-2004 when those were the last of the true CE disc.

I found a DX Drone that I did not like to throw as that was from a run where the wing was nearly parallel to the top so it was very OS. I gave the disc to a cousin who did not have many disc in his small Discraft Weekend bag, was new, and he liked throwing almost a sky hyzer shot for some reason. I do not think he kept it as I saw another cousin use the Drone till it got US
getting a Big Z replacement. The Cousin then changed his game to more a down the middle/easiest line style of play. I do not think that cousin plays much Disc golf anymore.

I also gave away my G9I Wizard I got in 2004 to a guy in 2018 who has Wizards for his longer putter. Wizard should be this friends only putter as the Judge due to lower profile misses the basket on closer putts as they sail past the basket, he gets frustrated then makes it with his Wizard putting with exactly the same aggressive putting style. The friend later traded the G9I Wizard disc online Via Ebay or some Disc Golf trade site of Facebook for another new Judge in the exact same style/color (probably same run) as his other shorter Judge putter. He did not want a non PDGA approved disc but somebody who just wanted the disc to have as practice low height Wizard for putting practice, the guy used those modern low height PDGA approved Wizards in Medium/Soft for putting.

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Freebies on the course? All the time. There is a great blind hole on a course around here.. on a busy Saturday I can score 20+ discs. It’s easy. I wear a ghillie suit and wait for the groups that don’t have a spotter. Hiding just into the woods I simply wait until a disc is thrown close enough to run out and grab, then back into the woods I go. The chumps will look and look for those discs! Lol.

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When i’m on a road trip, I love to bring along some of my extra, I don’t need or like discs. Invariably, i’ll run into some kids, families or one disc wonders and give them one of my extras. It always make me feel good to see their faces. Plus, my wife is happy to see my garage collection decrease by a couple.

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