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Default Most Irreplaceable Disc in Your Bag

Discussion in a different thread got me thinking. I personally don't buy many limited run/tour series discs not because of price, but because I don't want to reply on a disc that is difficult to replace. So my question is this: what single disc in your bag is the most irreplaceable, and do you treat it differently than your other discs?

For me, that's a beat-to-snot 166g Biofuzion Getaway. I've been throwing it since the week that Bio Getaways were released 2 years ago, and Biofuzion is a plastic that breaks in more than most. There's just something magical about an overstable mold that is beat into a flip machine.

As for how I use it, I never take it with me on vacations or when playing a new course. And even on familiar courses, I won't throw it on a shot that has a high risk of loss. This bothers me a lot, because I don't like bagging a disc that I'm afraid of losing. So I will periodically pull it out of the bag, but it always finds its way back in because I miss its unique flight. It's a love/hate neurotic relationship.
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DX Roc from 09'. It's just right.
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Prior to switching to Prodigy I had a bunch of hard to replace stuff in my bag, proline leopards and ching rocs most notably. Now I just use stock runs of stuff that are in regular production so can replace anything fairly easily.

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I have a Star TL in a unique gray-ish blue color. I've only seen that color one other time; a guy had a Teebird that was uncommon in its own right. It got to where I was more scared of losing that TL than throwing it, so I retired it and went and got a very-common-color TL to replace it.

No disc in my current bag is irreplaceable, though if I bag a Star SL, that would come closest.
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I've got an older penned S-line FD, and it's a nice champy-star mix. Got it as an F2 from Innova in 2018. I've got plenty of other FDs (way too many), but this one is my special little guy.
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My K1 Berg. Just because it's such a useful & unique mold. It's easy to replace. Short FH's & FH rollers with the Berg keep scores low.
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my straight brinster teebird, I have plenty more, but it is just now straight after three years of tree hits.

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Trying to move toward throwing stock/tourney stuff. Occasionally bag a CE Leo that's along these lines, just never throw around water.

So I'd say most irreplaceable right now is my Starfire. At a perfect wear in life, goes far with little deviation left or right. I'd mourn it's loss for a couple rounds.
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I have 2 beat in MD3s that I got second hand that are beat into perfection. I get nervous/excited whenever I throw them because they fly amazing but are SOOOOOOOOO hard to replace.
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Black metal flake champion thunderbird. Got my only filmed ace with it. Took it out of the bag because I don't want to lose it. Because of the color it's really hard to find after a drive especially in the woods. It is beat into a long straight glidy beauty. A good compliment to my other thunderbirds. Haven't been able to find another like it. Might have to try a pro thundy.
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