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90% of my putting practice is from inside the circle. I try to make 20 putts in a row from about 10-25 feet. I use 3 identical putters and constantly change position. By putt 15-16 I start to feel the pressure to get to 20 and the putt feels like a tournament putt.
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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
I am heading out with the basket to do some putting practice. How do you guys practice when you do your putting practice. Just looking for some new ideas
I practice inside of 30. I use three of the same putters. When I get bored I do something else then I come back. Dont Practice long putts until you learn to hit come backs (i.e 25 footers). Just trying to help.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
1. Putt with multiple putters in hand (same weight, same mold).
2. Focus on small putts (under 20').
3. Mix it up - some rapid fire, some movement around the basket setting up with each putt.
4. Don't putt until tired. It's useless and missing putts does you no good.
5. Putt with confidence.
6. Make putts. If you miss at 5', putt a ton of those until none of them miss. (Mark Ellis style)
Do not do rapid fire. You need to practice how you plan on playing and unless you plan on doing rapid fire for your actual puttng style then do not practice it.

Set up every putt like you would in an actual round.
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When starting out, rapid fire can help you figure out what your "Natural putting stroke" is. If my putting is off, in between rounds, i will rapid fire some putts and it reminds me of my natural movement. Then i'll do correct putts like i would on course.

KC actually mentions rapid fire for this reason in one of his old videos.

Once you've honed in on your putting style, and your form, i would not recommend rapid fire, but when figuring out a good form, i highly recommend it.

I don't play games while putting. I just putta lot from 10', then a lot from 15', then a lot from 20', then a lot from 25'. Hopefully i'll get better and start moving to 30', but i'm not a great putter, so i stick to the 20' putts mainly. I really like Mark Ellis's strategy of "don't miss" it has made my confidence soar during rounds, knowing i will make the 20' putt (even if i miss) It allows me to run the longer putts with less fear of it rolling a little from the basket.
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My 5 putter practice:
5-paces from basket, make all putts.
Retrieve putters, go 6-paces from basket in a new direction, make all putts.
Retrieve putters, go 7-paces from basket in a new direction, make all putts.
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Default My routine

3 putters same mold diff. Weights and stiffness.

Version 1-
Have a marker at 10 ft, 15 ft and 20ft. Start shooting 30 putts at 10 ft, if I make at least 27, move back to 15 ft, shoot 30 more, if I have not missed more than 7 total I go to 20 feet and putt 30 more. After 90 I add up all missed putts. If less than 12-15 missed, depending on conditions I will then do 30 at 25 feet, and take total percentage of 120 putts and log it. I do this 4 x a week. I also do the above version shooting 15 straddle and 15 straight on then move back. I never repeat basket placement in back yard and always go in a diff. Direction than before.

Also I will shoot from 30 and.40 feet but this is usually after my routine is done and if I have been accurate.

Version 2-
I shoot from 10, 15, and 20 feet. I will not move on to the next farthest distance until I have made ten in a row, sometimes I never get past 15 ft. Often actually

Another idea is writing down different putting stances, I.e., straddle, 1 knee down, back to basket and so on, put them in a cup, shoot 20 or thirty putts from a distance and draw your putt from the cup to make it random.....

Hope this inspires
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I take 10 or so putters to about 150' out, throw a bunch of upshots and putt out.
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Try putting with a lab in the yard and use your game putters. I start at 10 feet and find it difficult to back up.

It's great practice because you cannot miss!
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x/100 from 4 (25/each) marked spots 10~30' away.
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