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Not to revive something capriciously , but here is an example of something that seems, well, perhaps under specified

At 24:14 of the video below, we see a putt being taken where the lie is on top of a stone wall around the basket, but the putting stance is taken below that. The wall itself is stacked stones.


I guess it’s all considered one playing surface, but it’s not precisely clear to me why it’s substantially different than if that riser was built with some sort of air gap below it. There are also wooden risers on the course, and I could imagine some of those having lips on them. Perhaps that would still be considered continuous though, but then is a footbridge is also continuous if dirt or leaves are now making contact with the lower rail?

And what would have happened if the disc came to rest on top of a stone wall? Is it playing surface then?

I’m not looking for bizarro world problems, I’m just interested in the corner cases. Corner cases are interesting. Easy cases are easy, but also can be ambiguous.

This won’t make a difference in 99.9% of the rounds I play, and I understand that.
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