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I am shocked, shocked I tell ya. Will definitely be tuning in to hear what he has to say. If its a 100% Westside only deal I'll be even more shocked.

My fav player still and always will be. Now just with a brand I am not super stoked about, but what the hey.
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I'm only shocked when someone on that level isn't sponsored.

I truly don't know how anyone stays on the road, unless independently wealthy, without those things in place.

If you feel a mixed bag saves you 3 - 5 shots a weekend, it's so unlikely that the extra money you make each event covers no bonuses / tour series discs.

99% of top pros would have mixed bags if they could, it's just a financial decision not to.
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Originally Posted by TheOtherBill View Post
Does Westside have a Wizard in their line up?

I throw Shields. I've thrown Wizards side by side with my Shields. They're almost identical and feel really similar too.
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On r/discgolf Chris Clemons said:

I played with Nikko last week and I was helping him figure some stuff out. He really liked the slammer, raider, ahti, ballista pro, shields, and gatekeeper.
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Originally Posted by jvphobic View Post
If AB is going to college, then I would....
be extremely impressed by his decision.

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Shields, Crowns, Marshals, Wardens are all possible replacements for Wizards that Nikko might like.

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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
I'm predicting Nikko will be a free agent by this time next year.
I think he finally lands that Infinite or similar type sponsor he needs next year?
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Nikko going to Westside strikes me as odd, but mostly because Nikko going to ANY single disc company is so off-brand for him. For as long as I can remember he's been THE example of a lone wolf/mixed bag touring pro. And more often than not, his attitude strikes me as unconducive to positively representing any brand outside of his own personal...uhh...style.

But after clearing that initial mental hurdle, Westside actually makes a lot of sense. Nikko will fit in perfectly with the clown car of Trilogy's MPO shills. I bet his contract requires him to continue wearing the ugliest Hawaiian shirts known to humanity. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets a bonus for bringing back the idiotic fedoras, too. Really it's a perfect fit.

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Such an ugly and angry post, TB


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Sometimes I have to sing the song that's true to my heart

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