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Default How much does temperature affect disc flight?

I've been playing a lot of disc golf in the last 6 months as well as doing field work. Being in CO I've thrown in everything from 40 to 90 degrees. Lately its been 90+ and I'm noticing that I'm absolutely crushing drives and the discs are seemingly holding lines better/longer than they did in colder weather.

I guess it could be my imagination, but it seems that my drivers fly noticeably different when its hot out vs. cold. Better glide, more flex, better distance.

Does anyone else notice this? I guess part of it could be that in hot weather I feel fully loose and am able to really smash on drivers. Also, when its hotter I feel like I grip the disc more firmly and there are less instances of slippage.

Is this a heat thing, or a humidity thing? Even on days of similar temperature I feel like discs can fly differently from one day to the next. CO is not really a humid place, and I'm unsure if disc flight is affected by humidity levels.
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It can help certainly but it’s not just atmospheric conditions. A lot of it is the fact that I’m warmer weather your more confident in your movements and footing and can preform a bit better.

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Its both. Generally youre bundled up in the col so your movements are restricted. The cold does affect your discs as well though. Discs tend to be more OS in the cold when the air is thicker (frozen water particles vs. The summer vapor) along with what moose mentioned up there.
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Denser air (colder, dryer, lower altitude) is going to increase almost every aerodynamic effect on a thrown disc: more drag, more lift, more turn, etc. Thinner air (hotter, more humid, higher altitude) will have the opposite effect. Basically, denser air should make discs act slower, and thinner air should make them act faster with respect to the speed rating of the disc. But like others, I find that my body's reaction to cold weather and heavier clothes has the biggest effect on how far I can throw.

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I sure there is a sweet spot for perfect heat and humidity but there comes a point when the heat starts to affect the lift.


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Ideal conditions are 78.3 degrees with 12.6 percent humidity. Approximately

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Originally Posted by etdefender19 View Post
Ideal conditions are 78.3 degrees with 12.6 percent humidity. Approximately
What about the temperature of the disc? Same as ambient?
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Originally Posted by wericsson View Post
What about the temperature of the disc? Same as ambient?
Hopefully not. Then we could patent the refrigerated disc cart.

I also agree with moose. I feel looser in warm weather.

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most of this will be learned with time. saw that you have been playing for just a short time.
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