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Default Hidden Gem

When the Epic first was made it was not intended to be a distance tomahawk disk, but soon many people began to pick up the Epic for overhand throws and all of a sudden it had a purpose. I think that the Quest ATs' 10 meter Brick should do the same thing for the short distance overhand toss.

I will explain. When you throw overhand you have to achieve either some very high distance or long distance to give the disc time to lay flat so it will not roll away. This is why throwing overhand within 75 feet from the basket can sometimes cause an unanticipated roller. This is not the case with the 10 meter brick. Because of the heavy middle section, the 10 meter brick will lay flat within 10 feet without a roll. The 10 meter is sort of like a cat that always lands on its feet. if you hold it at its edge and drop it straight down from your body it will land on its top or bottom, but almost never on its side for a roll.

The next time you have a 25 foot high obstacle between you and the basket 20 feet a way with no chance of a hyzer you could use the brick to put you right under the basket without the risk of it rolling away.

If you have a need for this type of throw in your bag I would be surprized to hear about a disc that would server you better.
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That is interesting idea. I currently use a 100 Meter Lazer for that shot. It flips quickly enough that it almost always hits and flops without rolling away. But if I ever lose it I may get a Brick
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Just keep in mind the 10M Brick is not ok to use in tournaments. So, if you plan on playing in PDGA events, make sure you do not keep this as your only way to deal with those situations. Otherwise, it is a great invention.
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I had one and it was too flippy to putt with for me. But I never tried it as a tomahawk. Hmm......

Donovan where are you getting your info from? When did this happen? It's on the PDGA approved list so you should be able to use it. Then again PDGA does have a hard on for Quest and any thing they do. Just wondering if this was new news.
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I know that the Turbo Putt is loosing its approved status at the end of December, but I thought the 10 meter Brick was OK. It would be nice if anyone could post something conclusive.
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The 10M Brick should be ok for tournament play. The Turbo Putt is losing PDGA-approved status 12/31/08. The discs that Quest never received approval for was the Wheel.

You can open this pdf:

And go to page 7 to see all of the approved discs from Quest. Only the Turbo Putt has the ** asterisk next to it saying that it will be losing approved status. The 10M Brick is fine.

Last edited by stpitner; 08-25-2008 at 11:17 PM. Reason: found more information
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Originally Posted by stpitner View Post
The 10M Brick is fine.
I wouldn't go THAT far! Lets just say it's legal and leave it at that!
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