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Originally Posted by Texconsinite View Post
Question for those who've thrown it. How hard does the monarch fight to S back at the end compared to champ sidewinders & roadrunners? Does it actually come back, or just keep going and turn into a roller like its forefathers? Also, how does the glide compare?

I know what the innova ratings say, but on paper is very different than on the course.

Btw, JogginJohn, props for representing The Haute. I've got a brother at Rose Hulman.
I would say that the Monarch fights a little more to fade at the end than my Champ Sidewinder but if thrown flat with a fair amount of power both will turnover and not S back, I think Innova's right the Monarch's just a little faster. For distance I throw the Monarch like I throw the Sidewinder, with just a bit of hyzer and the flights look very much the same. The glide's are very similar, they both love the high ceiling S flights and really glide well toward the end of the flight.
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I picked up a new 175 Monarch yestersay. It flies almost exactly as advertised. It seems to have more glide than a champion sidewinder, possibly due to the new fangled rim. The increased glide makes it appear to have more fade. There is no question that it has more speed.

At full power I was able to turn it over very easy and it would not come back. At full power, with the nose up a tiny bit, I almost aced a 335' hole with an S-turn. Keeping my eyes on the target and throwing level with about 80 - 90% power it flew straight with very little fade (perfect for those long narrow fairways), which is mostly what I will be using it for.
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So, I finally bought a Pro Pig and I did write this on the top of the disc.
"That'll do Pig."
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I've been throwing a Monarch along with my Valkyries. I get maybe 10-20' more out of it and it seems to be a little less stable.
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Update on my Pro pig.....I've been practicing more and more throwing forehand putts with it, before I was trying it with a ryno, because the "thumbtrac" on it just seemed to feel better, and rynos seemed more stable than any putters<for me anyway>. The pig beats it hands down! It is much more stable than the ryno, and has the thumbtrac. Been making about 80% of my forehand putts now, usually from 20+ feet out. Taco'd it pretty bad a few feeks ago, but laid it out under the sun for about 5 minutes, picked it up, and it was back to new. LOVING THIS DISC, in fact, now trying to see if Innova will be making this in PINK, if so...GOTTA have one.
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Champ Monarch update - i played a 9hole course down a ski mountain this past weekend. Used the monarch a lot. Im LHBH and the Monarch was great for long downhill shots to the left. It stays in the anhyzer for a LONG TIME before fading out of it. Probably not the best driving disc on a mountain - It glides a lot - if it gets up in height - and starts to fade it's going in the woods and the woods on a ski slope are THICK. ON flat ground i get great distance just by throwing a hyzer - need a lot of room to consider an s curve - it stays in the highspeed turn for a while
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