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Default returning marked discs

I end up in the woods a lot it seems, and tend to have better luck finding other people's discs than my own. Most of the discs I have found have marker covering the entire backside. I'm still trying different discs to see what I like so I will usually throw the found discs a couple times just to test them out. After that I just toss them in the practice basket for the owner to pick up. Here's the problem. I know for a fact that I had put 3-4 discs of a guy's in that basket because I met him on the course a couple days ago and have played a couple rounds with him. He never got any of them. I didn't really think people would steal property from another person because of morals. I also didn't think I was being naive either because I thought that even a shady person could not throw the disc with someone else's name covering the disc and wouldn't be able to sell it so why steal it? Is this a problem everywhere? What is the purpose of stealing someone's disc with marker covering it? I am hesitant to call the numbers now and meet up with people that frankly I don't know, and now feel might be thiefs. I know not everyone is, but it seems like it may be a problem. Do I have any other options? Maybe just send a text saying where I put their disc and hide it?
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Happened at my home course today. Guy lost his disc in the woods. Someone found it and left I for him out in the open on the picnic table at teepad 1. Disc was inked. Some casual players must have taken it, because it wasn't there when the guy went to grab it 30 mins later.

People are jerks. Calling/texting is worth it if you actually care about getting the disc back to the owner. Stash it somewhere safe for them if you cant/don't want to meet up with them.
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It doesn't take many *******s to ruin a situation and there are a lot of *******s out there. I'm about 50% on getting discs back that have my name number on them. It just is that some people see a lost disc they've found as automatically their new disc. Keep doing the right thing, keep looking for the owner of the disc... oh and make sure that if you call or text someone about a found disc DON"T THROW IT... or if you try it wait until after you throw it and didn't lose it before you call/text. I spent a horrendous 45 minutes in a thistle patch after texting a guy about what turned out to be a very sentimental special disc that I then shanked into a friggen minefield. Better policy might be don't throw found discs really, or at least on holes that have OB near them.

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I went with a buddy to Bryant Lake to pick up his trusty C PD2 that a guy had found, he called my buddy and told us to meet him there. We call him to let him know we are there. No answer. We try again. No answer. We waited about a half hr before saying "F it" and leaving. Pretty sure the guy started throwing it and liked it or something. Jerks are everywhere. I don't even ink my discs. I just accept the fact that if I can't find one of mine, it is gone. But me losing one is rare, as I am a stubborn Minnesotan who fears no water hazard, no matter how foul or dangerous it may be.
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I put my info on my disc because SOME people do return discs. If they choose to not make the call, oh well.

I try to not get too attached to a round piece of plastic.

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In my area / experience, I've gotten a call on about 20% of the discs I've lost, even though they're inked with name & number. I try to focus on the fact that those are the good guys, and reward them (I've always got some decent, unthrown tourney plastic available & insist they take one as a reward for their effort).
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Originally Posted by nose down View Post
Maybe just send a text saying where I put their disc and hide it?
People around here do this all the time, and it works well. Under a garbage can is the most common spot.
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I've run into people of the mindset that they don't get calls on their discs so they don't bother to call or text others. I just find that disgusting. And no you can't trust people to leave a disc in the practice basket that doesn't belong to them. They will just think they hit the jackpot. Returning discs is good karma and just the right thing to do. Half the time people will tell you to keep it anyways but sometimes the disc is really important to a player and it's nice to get it back to that person that enjoys it so much.
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If there is a phone number on a disc I will call it and try to return it to the owner. Every time. If it only has a name I will ask everyone I see on the course that day. Beyond that it becomes mine. Leaving a disc in the practice basket is gift wrapping it for a a noob (or jerk) that does know/care any better.
A few months ago I found a disc called the number, told the guy i was still at th course and would be for a couple hours if he wanted to meet me to get it. He said he had moved to CA from NC and had given the hid buddy still in NC. He called his buddy told him the disc had been found told him my name and number so he could get up with me to get it back. Turned out the new owner is a friend of mine that I play with from time to time. So i had to jump through some hoops but in the end my buddy got his disc back so it was worth it.
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I have gotten one call on anny lost discs and the guy didn't call right away. And the. Took it with him 40 miles away. So I let him keep it.

I've returned probably 15+ discs. Some in person but more often send a text and then Hide it somewhere for them to get in the next few hours. The younger kids think it's great fun to look in hiding spots.

If your course has a pro shop or place to pay etc those are good drop spots.

I found a few at Rollin Ridge and Kensington etc and the folks that keep the shop always offer to hold them for the owners.
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