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Default Mid-range grip?

Having learned to play disc golf with only a valkyrie and a putter, I did not start (as many suggest) with mid-ranges and disc up when appropriate. I now typically play with a Aviar, Mako3, Valkyrie, and Wraith, having acquired the Mako3 recently.

I'm 6'2" and really like the feel of the valk/wraith in my hands. The Mako3, not so much - the rim just feels really tiny. I use the power grip on all of the discs, but I find that I'm very inconsistent with the Mako3. I tend to griplock/roll my wrist on the throw (rhbh), causing it to carry on an anny curve. This happens maybe 1/4 throws.

I've tried a fan grip, but that seems to release too early at times. I also don't have the aforementioned woes with the drivers.

If this matters, I'm getting the Mako3 out to 280-290ft on a straight throw.

Is this a grip issue or form issue?
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Try a fork grip, it's a blend of the power and fan you mentioned. Pinky and index are pressed against the rim [power] while the middle and ring fingers are facing outwards toward the center of the disc (more along the lines of the fan).

Not exactly how I hold mine but the edit window is dwindling for me and I'm on mobile:

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Both form and grip.

I actually use the grip GripEnemy linked, but the index is wrapped slightly more and I consider it a fan grip or modified power fan grip, it's the same that MJ uses. The fork grip is aka the Climo grip which is quite similar. I'd recommend playing around with Bratten's 2 finger grip through, it's the base of every grip getting the index finger triggered around the rim properly and then moving the other fingers around for comfort and control. I go over it my grip and alignment vid below, it sets up similar to the Climo/fork grip but starts with the middle finger folded back instead of the pinky then wrap/trigger the index. Feel how to control the disc with two fingers and where the pressure is in the top of the hand, rather than deep into the palm.

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I grip all discs with powergrip and i can aussure you it's just a matter of training.
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I like Will Shusterick's putting and midrange fan grip in this video. He also emphasizes to do what feels comfortable. Power grip is not comfortable for me so I don't use it.

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I'm kind of the same. I won't say I have huge hands, but they aren't small either. I feel much more comfortable gripping wide rimmed drivers over mids. Even a Leopard doesn't feel that great and I find that it slips frequently.

I'd rather throw a mid smooth and controlled over trying to muscle it out at full power. Usually if I put 100% power on a mid it grip locks and ends up being a lousy throw. A fairway driver with a moderate power throw gets the job done far better.

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I don't know what it is called, I call it the F U grip... grab the disc like you are giving the ground the finger it is a power grip but with an extended middle finger for more control over the discs angle. If you are throwing a Z Comet I put my thumb right on the "z".
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