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yea we don't have any in Portland, ME. Closest one is 2 towns ( 10 min drive) in Scarborough.
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Are you moving from Grand Junction, Colorado?
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IMO its one of the best areas to live in for DG!
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I have only played Milo it is in Estacada about a 40 min drive from Portland and it is on another level it was turned into a DG course from a ball golf course, crazy long holes lots of par 4's and a par 5 (1200 feet I think), huge open fairways with huge douglas firs on both sides, really cool wooded holes 2 and 3 and overall a 27 hole course that will challenge even the best pro disc golfers.
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It is pretty tough to go wrong with Pier, Dabney, Timber, Milo, or Hornings.

Pier is very diverse and fun, but it is still city park DG (with all the crowds and other users that come with it).

Dabney is a bit better about crowds because the part of the park used for DG is almost exclusively for DG. The course is pretty good, but nothing incredible or anything.

Timber Park is right across the river from Milo, and is a very nice course. It isn't quite up to the level its neighbor, but is still a fun course in it's own right.

Milo is spectacular. You can play Milo a dozen times and still feel like you haven't figured it out. It is also one of the most fair courses you will ever play. If you throw a good shot, you will be rewarded with a good score. When you throw a poor shot, it will cost you a throw. It is also a gorgeous park almost entirely devoted to disc golf.

Hornings is, in my opinion, the closet thing that exists to Disc Golf Mecca. 3 courses that all have their own charm. The Highland course is a great time. You take 2 putters and work on your short game. Canyon is probably better than any course but Milo in the area. Meadow Ridge is probably the best 18-hole course I have ever been to. Every single hole is memorable and challenging. I have played the course 15+ times, and I can still remember most of the shots that I threw on any given hole.

Any way, those are my $.02
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Enjoyed playing Pier when I was there last summer. Luscious fairways.
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Pier is a blast, but I don't think there's ever a time that it's not crowded. Maybe at 3 am...

I shop in Estacada for supplies every time I go camping in the National Forest, and I have yet to play Milo or Timber. My own loss.

Dabney is fun and I've never seen it crowded. Probably due to the fact that it costs $5 to park. I enjoy it though.

Can't say much else. Hornings and Milo are next on my wish list. Gresham has two little nine holes across the street from each other. Both are short. One is a joke, and the other one is actually pretty enjoyable. Good warmup on the way into Troutdale if you want to stretch your legs before Dabney though.
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