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Wow have a raider...what is next S.W.A.T or I.C.E? A disc that will have too much glide for players to use an unheard of 7 in
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I got to fondle one today and have to say, based on feel alone I really liked it in the hand. I plan on picking up a few when they come out.
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Normally am an Innova and Discmania thrower. Picked up a Raider today at the local DD store in Carollton TX today as I was looking for something between PD2 and Star Destroyer. This disc had great stability without being too overstable. It flies like a Innova Corvette , actually threw them back to back on multiple holes and they landed within 5 feet of each other each time. If you are looking for a good stable disc that is not too overstable this is a good disc.

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I have a friend who is sponsored by DD

I played with him on Friday and Sunday and he was throwing the proto Raider

I'm not sure of the speed rating but it seemed to fly faster than a 12

laser straight lines, no turn (we are at altitude), healthy forward fade

seemed like a very good disc

I asked him to give some comparison and his thoughts were

More OS than a Lucid X Trespass
Close to a Bio Enforcer
Not as stable as a Fuzion Enforcer
Shorter than a Sheriff or Ballista Pro

this isn't the right thread for this but the other disc he was throwing was the Vandal and that disc looks like a really good disc although likely to not really make it to most people's radar

Vandal is a "longer Maverick"
looks not dissimilar to early Visions
flight numbers would be Valkyrie ish

it's one of those strange discs that for Speed 9 covers an incredible amount of distance, sneaky long, holds great straight lines on a slight hyzer
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This disc is money.

Yes, I am a noodle arm and my absolute max distance is about 350 ft. with a Air Ballista. I bought a First run Raider and SE Raider and thought that this is another high speed overstable driver, which will give me about 280ft of distance and hard dumpy fade. But no, today in slight headwind I got with the SE Raider consistently 325 ft. long throws in open field. Thrown flat or slight anny, it flew nice straight lines and also surprisingly worked well in the wooded fairways. And yes I know that for my arm speed slower drivers should be a thing, but Raider feels so nice in the hand. Maybe I can now leave my Ballistas and fill my distance slow with Trespasses and Raiders

Need to buy few of those SE Raiders more, because they felt little straighter than the First runs.
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Anyone care to comment on their experience with lighter weight (168-170) fuzion raiders? I'm hoping they show some turn like the lighter weight D2s I've been throwing.
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This disc is unreal. Today I was fooling around with a 174g Fuzion Raider and it smashes. I took a new personal record and compared it to my distance Wraith and distance Destroyer and it basically beat both those disc with 20-50 feet every single shot. I couldn't believe it. I would definitely say it has more glide compared to a 5, it just kept gliding and gliding. When it comes to stability, it might be a bit more understable compared to what the numbers suggest. I would say it is at least -1 and it didn’t perform particularly well in a headwind. I can’t wait to give this one another try when there is less wind.
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Originally Posted by podskiii View Post
When it comes to stability, it might be a bit more understable compared to what the numbers suggest. I would say it is at least -1 and it didn’t perform particularly well in a headwind.
How far were you throwing these? I can routinely get my D2s out to 430-460 but I'm struggling to get my Raiders out to 400+ without a bit of flex. Mine do have a little bit of flashing, but I can't imagine that being the reason.
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The furthest one went 484 feet which beat my old distance record with 25 feet. All of my Raider shots went from 410-460 feet, until I had my crush at 484. In all of my shots it kept beating my distance Destroyer and Distance Wraith. For me it acted very similar to a Destroyer with a reliable flight pattern, but with more glide. Pretty much everytime I threw it, It went further compared to what I expected. However most of my shots with this disc I was trying to max out and was more of a 90-95% throw.

My Fuzion Raider is a first run Raider. It has a bit of a dome, but nothing crazy. Still very usable for FH, I really liked this disc as I felt I could trust it a lot. In comparison to other disc as Shrykes, they go further for me compared to Destroyer but it's so much harder to trust.

I'm not sure if I will bag it, as I have a decent portion of Destroyers and Wraiths that I really like. And extra distance I got from throwing the Raider is not worth much considering there are few holes I need that extra distance on.

However, I think a lot of people will like this disc and me and this disc really clicked.

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Default Raider

Recently acquired a 168g Fuzion Raider. I took it to the field today with a few other similar distance drivers to give it a try. The plastic is fairly gummy. This Raider has a big dome. I'm not sure if they're all that way or not.

First impression is, I really like this disc. I probably threw it 15 times total, and they were all good drives. The Raider is a fairly neutral flier. It has a hint of high speed turn, which it holds beautifully for a long while before gradually fading. Despite the slight high speed turn, I won't really call this an S curve flier. The Raider seems to gain most of its distance in that period of flight where its transitioning from high speed turn to fade. Unlike the Defender, the Raider will hold flat for a long time. Also, the Raider doesn't fade as hard as a Defender.

Along with the Raider I had a 175g champion glow Katana, an ESP FLX Nuke, a 170g Lucid Defender, a 166g champion Colossus, and a 174g Fuzion Sheriff. The Raider seemed to slot perfectly between the Sheriff and the Defender. Out of the hand, the Defender and Raider are identical. However, the Defender doesn't quite glide as well, and wants to fade sooner. I was getting about 30' more out of the Raider for that reason. The Sheriff had the longest shots of the day, but not by much. They were big, flexy S curve bombs. The Raider was right behind it, on a straighter line. Essentially, the Raider was hanging right with all the other discs I brought today.

The Raider is "sneaky long". In the hand it doesn't feel like much. If anything, I expected it to be on the slow side for a speed 13 simply based on how it felt in my hand. Not the case. The Raider zips along just fine. It isn't as fast as a Ballista pro, but is still capable of big distance. Top distance with the Raider today was probably 440'. Conditions were calm and perfect for throwing practice. I may have topped 440' with the Sheriff and Colossus a couple times.

The Raider is essentially what I was hoping the Kong would be. Obviously the Raider is a speed faster, but for me those 2 molds showed dramatically different results. Thrown flat I could count on a little high speed turn and a long, flat flight out of the Raider. The Kong would not fly flat, and would listlessly die at 360'. I'm EASILY throwing the Raider 75' further than the Kong.

Sheriff: 13, 5, -2, 2
Raider: 13, 5, -1, 2
Defender: 13, 5, -0.5, 3

These were the results I was seeing today. The Raider really is the perfect driver for guys who think the Sheriff is too flippy and the Defender is too beefy. I found the Raider to be very controllable as well as long. It didn't have the harsh fade that Bosses and Nukes tend to show. Not once today did I flip the Raider. Even throwing it anny a couple times it would flex out and then fade back late.

Would I bag this disc? Yes. I'm not really a Dynamic guy, but I'm digging this Raider. Its surprisingly easy to throw, and goes further than you'd think. I'd recommend the Raider to anyone who throws 360' or more. You'll need at least that much arm to really see a difference between a Sheriff and Raider. Highly recommended.

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