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Originally Posted by biscoe View Post
Not rude at all to tee off once they are out of range on a Par 4 or 5. One of the things that backs events up the worst is players refusing to tee once the group ahead is clear but still not done. For some reason this seems to occur most often in the MA1 division in my experience.

On reachable holes obviously this does not hold true.
I have seen a group of FA50 on a 550 foot uphill hole not throwing because a group was on the green.

Just ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by BillFleming View Post
I'm surprised you think the worst is the MA1 division. I would think that those are the better players and would be more aware of their distances and when it is safe to throw. I would have expected the 'backup' issue to be the lower AMs (MA3, etc) who sometimes think they throw farther than they really do - or who had that one awesome long shot and think they will do it again - and wait forever.

One thing I wish disc golf would 'copy' from ball golf is "ready golf"....ball golf used to be "better score tees first"...but they changed to "ready golf" and it speeds up play. Disc golf could learn from that. I throw a fairway driver 250 feet forehand (backhand it may be going anywhere - even backwards), so if my card is on a 500 foot hole, why waste time sitting there when the group in front of us is 300+ feet away from us? Maybe others on my card can make that distance, but I can't, so playing ready golf would let me go and by the time I'm done throwing the group in front should be out of the range of the rest of the card. That speeds up play. Admittedly, in disc golf it's not that big of an improvement since our distances are shorter, it may rarely happen.

((In the league I play in we will tell 'shorter throwers' to go throw first if it will speed up the pace of play....if my card is sitting waiting for the group in front to move out of range, I will ask if I can throw as the group is usually out of my range...I normally get the okay as my group knows my ability (or lack of it).))
This would save me time playing in Am 2 but mostly Am 3 on some courses.

The other would be those in Am 4 sandbagging due to a mental block where they think they are still garbage bran new players despite playing for 4 or more years in tournaments/the local league stuff or have come right from other sports like Baseball, Tennis, Softball, even Bowling or Darts all sports that use a fair bit of arm/aim where they could play Am 3 Am 2 right away and prove it when warming up to decide the division they are going to play. Anyhow in that lowest Rec or Novice group with these Mental block or those unsure from other high arm sports people in them go and throw on the 250-300 foot hole and hit a person mainly because the group is used to playing without people or think they throw 150 feet max so they throw but then do not yell until disc is 2 feet from hitting the person and by then it is too late. (this happened to me) The same people refuse to either let the disc lie to mark or use a mini as well, then some refuse to use the tee pad given, stepping off the end of tee pad by 3 feet or so before releasing the disc, a natural without even a line for end of tee making type of natural tee not is included in this discussion as those are not fun to play.
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
I have seen a group of FA50 on a 550 foot uphill hole not throwing because a group was on the green.

Just ridiculous.
Once had a spotter keep waving his red flag at our group at the GBO (FPO division) telling us not to tee off because the card in front of us was still putting. The hole was 850 feet long....


We had to kindly go down the fairway and explain that he was backing up the entire event and to please stop waving his flag and get out of the fairway.

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