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Default print's 22 Bag

Years playing/experience:

I have played casually off and on for about 12 years. Have been playing more seriously last two years. This year I’ve played in a tournament and am a regular at the local league night.

Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed

Throwing Style: RHBH

Golf Distance (avg/max):
putter: MVP Neutron Ion (200/250)
mid: Discmania C-Line MD3(225/275)
driver: Discraft ESP Hades: (300/365)
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?:
My bag is setup for my local course, but I would feel comfortable at a new course.

Specific areas of desired feedback:
I am open to ideas!


173g Discmania D-Line P2 (putting)
173g Discmania D-Line P2 (putting)
173g MVP Neutron Ion (throwing straight or anhyzer, straight finish)
170g Axiom Soft Neutron Envy (throwing straight, dependable fade)
174g Infinite Discs G-Star Alpaca (not used but in bag)

173g Prodigy 400 A2 (approach, scramble, trickshots, dependable fade)
171g Discraft Z Sol (haven’t used in a while, flat to anhyzer shots, flip up to straight)
176g Discmania Neo Tactic (approach shots)
176g Discmania C-Line MD3 (straight with forward fade)
178g Discmania C-Line MD3 (straight with forward fade)

Fairway drivers:
172g Discmania C-Line FD (not thrown but want to use as a straight driver for tunnel shots)
173g Latitude 64 Opto River (very under-stable used for big anhyzer shots)
165g Discraft ESP Swirly Proto Pasion (used as straight flyer and flip to small anhyzer. But it is becoming to under-stable for that purpose, I’m looking to replace it)
175g Discmania C-Line FD3 (not thrown)

Distance drivers:
173g Discraft Z Avenger SS (larger anhyzer shots, or over pond cause I don’t mind if I loose this one)
173g Discraft Z Scorch (straight distance shots thrown flat)
171g Discraft ESP Swirly ’22 Tour Series Force (not thrown much)
160g Discraft ESP Hades (straight distance shots thrown flat)
170g Discraft ESP Nuke (used for dependable fade at end)

I am looking for a straight fairway to replace my Passion.

This bag is used at my local course I have only played one other course with it. I updated it to be more versatile after that round.

Let me know what you think! Or if you see something I should tryout.

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Well I ended up taking out the passion and adding in a Champion Leopard3. Love the Leopard3 so far does what my passion did but better.

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