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I'm going to go against the grain and say that gstar is really excellent for skipping. Its smooth and the flexibility allows it to absorb ground irregularities and still carry momentum in the direction you intended. If you want a big flare skip high and sideways, sure, a glow champ max or fb etc. But if you want multiple low skips around a corner, a gstar or gummy champ boss works awesome. If you want to skip but keep going straight and low to get under obstacles a gstar daedalus or vulcan will take low loong skips like a stone on a pond.
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I skipped an ESP Avenger last week that acted like an air hockey puck for a good distance.
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In my opinion I find that the disc can only do so much by itself. The angle of the disc and the line it is thrown on play a bigger part in the skip. I find that even my Maces will give a decent skip if thrown on the right line. As for an actual skip shot though I prefer to use an opto Trident.
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My motion skips almost as well as anything thing I have thrown. The best skipper I have had was a flat 400g D2, that thing was a joke.
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Champ firebird give me very reliable skips. My discs in softer plastics tend to stay put a bit more when they land.
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Champ or Star Starfires.
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I'm just posting here to give you props for throwing an FL
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S- Line Chaos a.k.a PD2 has awesome skips. I'll throw a 5 foot high line drive and the disc fades so hard and fast into the ground, it will skip ten to twelve feet in the air.
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Rigid is good.
In my experience, flat increases skip chance, dome increases skip distance.

The best skip discs tend to be very overstable because very OS discs are still carrying a lot of speed when they transition into the fade part of the flight. It seems like some discs want to pitch more than others during fade (am I wrong, or has anyone noticed a correlation (i.e. fade pitch affected by depth, width etc)?) Keeping the disc flat and throwing a disc that stays flat during fade nets the best results :

firebird, felon, enforcer, stiletto, xXx, Force, Trident I have some pop-top pro bosses and destroyers that skip like mad. They also hook hard and hit the ground at mach2.
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I also think that wind can play a big role relative to the kind of skips a given disc will get. I've seen some crazy sideways skips throwing into a headwind. I've even seen skips that end up closer to the teepad than where they originally touched down. Sometimes you just shake your head and laugh when that happens.
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