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Default Stuck need some advice

I have always thrown buzzz as my mids (right now I carry 3-4 depending on the course). I also throw fds for stable-understable fairways and a teebird for straight to overstable shots.

But here’s my problem. I recently got my hands on a kaxe and kaxe z. I can’t figure out whether to drop a buzzz or 2 or maybe my teebird

I don’t like being on a tee pad and not being able to pick which disc I want to throw.

Any help or advice would be appreciated
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I throw putters rather than midranges myself, but bag a Kaxe for situations where I think a Harp is not likely to get the particular shape of shot that I need on a wooded course(a more rounded path, rather than straight with fade at end). You might find that the Kaxe get some flights that you have trouble duplicating with your Buzzz, so it would be a good supplement to them. Kaxe and Buzzz match up just like Teebirds and FDs do, in my opinion.

I don't see a Kaxe replacing the fairways. My experience is that it won't get the distance that they do.

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I have bagged a Kaxe since they were released. It doesn't get much use, but I have found no other disc, by any company, that flies it's flight path.
When I need to power up a mid and still get a long glidey fade, it is golden.
It should be longer than your Buzzzs and resist turn more. With your setup, and if you play woods, you have a hole in your bag that the Kaxe will fill. Not for sure if you really need a Kaxe Z though. There is more overlap there.

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I’d keep most of the buzzzes, maybe drop one. No need to make huge changes.
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Do you want to throw the Kaxe? I ask because I think your setup is already good without it. If you can't figure out which you should replace, maybe the answer is none. I'm sorry if that seems unhelpful, but I have struggled with the same issue. Play some 1 disc rounds and see what comes of it.
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If you use your FW drivers a lot, like for example don't use distance drivers much, than a Buzzz or two might be less necessary. If you do carry faster drivers or play wooded courses a lot than the FW drivers could be redundant against the Kaxe. You basically have to think of the Kaxe as hybrids. They're gonna be most useful on wooded courses where you'd want to throw a mid to stay on the fairway but get close to FW driver distance.

Me personally, I only carry three mids anyway. One straight to fade, one beat in version of the former so that it just goes straight, and one for turnovers and annys.
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I would go Kaxe over Teebird personally... Then again, I've been throwing Eagles since I've been playing. So over the thousands of discs I've owned, I've had less than a half dozen Teebirds... Kaxe just feels great in my hand. I'd take the Kaxe simply on feel over Teebird. As far as flight goes, they are similar enough that the overlap is unnecessary.
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what shots are your buzz and tb and fd and kaxe even covering and why is the kaxe interfering with 8 ish different discs can it really cover that many shots and lines must be a wonder disc
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Through them in the field together or at least carry all of it for a round and throw the kaxe where you think it may fit and see what it does better than a current bagged disc. if it does better for those shots then drop the buzz teebird or fd out. and if a buzz teebird or fd work better for it all then don't throw a kaxe.
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I don't know how often you play, but I'd suggest substituting the Kaxe for one of the other discs. See which ones you miss and which you don't...

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