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Default This Hawaiian's Bag (Updated)

Okay guys. I want to build the most complete bag possible. I want to drop some overlap tho. I'm very open to suggestions. You will see that I have mostly Innova (and one DD only cuz I threw a buddy's and I like it). I don't have much disc shops around and I find awesome deals on news discs on ebay. The sucky part is that I don't get to field test em first. But like I said I'm open to suggestions. I posted one of these before and since then took some feedback got a few more molds.

I'll list what I use the most on my home course - which I play almost daily - with my max distance-ish as well.

Quick bio if it helps.
6' even, 175 lbs
Playing nearly daily for last 3 months. Started off scoring +20-25. A +2 has been the about average the last week or so. Best round so far was even par. The course I play on is a 18 hole Par 54, about 4500'
Primarily RHBH, RHFH when needed.

Max Power Averages:
KC Aviar: 180ft
Champ Roc3: 250ft
Pro Destroyer: 300ft

This is what I mainly use. Under will be discs that I seldomly use but still carry in my bag.
Putters (KC Aviar (New) 175g: Jump putts. Max D: 180'

Mids (>75' to 250'):
-->Star Mako3 173g: Straight as an arrow. Max D: 230'
-->GSTAR Roc3 180g: For touch shots that I want to stick. Max D: 250'
-->Champ Roc3 180g: Most upshots >200' and out. Max D: 290'
-->Champ Roc3 168g: Touch shots Champ Sidewinder 175g: Understable but still new. Only threw a couple of times but flies like a new AA. Max D: Maybe 280'
-->Champ Thunderbird 175g: Got the same time as the Sidewinder as an upgrade to my TeeBird. Max D: 290'
-->Champ Destroyer 175g: New like the ThunderBird and Sidewinder. Upgrade for my Pro-line Destroyer. Max D: 320'
-->Blizzard Destroyer 138g: Wanted to try the Blizzard plastic. It was different to throw something so lite but I feel it may have potential. I don't really see a lot of other people playing with Blizzards. Max D: 315'
-->Pro Destroyer 175g: Main driver now that I feel I can control it better. Also used for RHFH. Max D RHBH: 320'. Max D RHFH: 290'

What I carry but don't use often:
-->R-Pro Roc 180g: Understable. Max D: 220'
-->Dx Cobra 168g: Understable yet still finishes left. Max D: 200' (When I first started. Never uncorked it since)
-->Dx Banshee 172g - Overstable and will give me the fade I need to cut under low ceilings. Max D: 275'
-->Dx Leopard 175g: Really understable. I don't even have a specified use for it but if for some reason I feel like I should play it, I do. But rarely. Max D: 240' because it flips to dang much.
-->Champ Boss 175g: Don't really know why I have it... spare maybe? Max D: 310'

What do u guys think? What could I keep together and what could I leave at home? I kinda want a "be all - end all" feel to my bag, of course with the normal cycling of heavily used discs like my Roc3's. Like I want to be able to grab my bag and drive to any couse and not have to preplan my bag - if that's even possible but you got the jist of it. I'm open to any and all suggestions and feedback. Thanks for everyone's help in advance. Nice shots!

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Everyone reply to this thread and not the older one. Thanks.

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