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You need to make sure your shop is basically on top of a really good course.
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Originally Posted by RomServo View Post
I'm excited to announce that I'm currently building plans to open a Disc Golf Pro Shop in my community! I've been absolutely captivated by this sport since i started only a couple years ago and now I've decided to do make it the platform for my everyday life. My community has a booming Disc Golf scene but doesnt have access to the recouces needed for the avid Disc Golfer. I want to give it to them. I've never been more confident that the time and place is perfect and that this is what my life has been building towards for years.

Any thoughts, tips, advice or suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
3 pieces of advice:

- Find what makes your store different than the 1000 others. Don't neglect your branding.

- Have a polished online store look and great customer interface. Don't half ass the website. It's not enough to just do brick & mortar anymore.

- Two words: Social Media. If you're not using IG and Snapchat extensively, you're missing the key demographic in disc golf. If it's not something you're good at, find a local kid with social media skills and bring him/her into the fold. You'll be leaving so much money on the table if you don't grind out the social media space.

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Originally Posted by Zanguini View Post
A quick lookup on Innova's Dealer locator:
Mizewell Games, Conway
Elk and Eagle Trading Post, Leslie
Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters, Hot Springs
Academy Sports , Little Rock
Dick's Sporting Goods, Hot Springs
Abby Road, North Little Rock
City of Bryant Parks and Rec.
Academy Sports, Sherwood
A to Z Sporting Goods, Alma
The Woodsman , Fort Smith
Academy Sports , Fort Smith
Play It Again Sports , Fort Smith
Midwest Sporting Goods , Fort Smith
Caddo Valley Landing
Fayetteville Funky Yardsale, Fayetteville
Play It Again Sports, Fayetteville
Pack Rat , Fayetteville
Southtown Sporting Goods , Fayetteville
Lewis & Clark Outfitters , Springdale
Ace Place , Fayetteville
Lyon College , Batesville
Lewis and Clark Outfitters , Rogers

Carr's Chain Reaction Russellville, Not on the list but i know it exists.
K, so, this is exactly the opposite of what Im talking about. None of these are Disc Golf Pro Shops. These are all sporting goods stores that have a rack with some discs for sale. Besides, i know from personal experience, half of these places are out of business already and some of them no longer sell discs at all.

Im talking about opening a Pro Shop that is geared only towards Disc Golf. Sorry, but PIAS is absolutely not a "Disc Golf Pro Shop."

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I know that but you asked the question whether you were going to be the only dedicated shop in the state, and this is what i found. It appears that you are. congrats.

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Default Design

PM me if you need any help with logo design and branding!

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Have you done enough research to determine if the sport has grown big enough yet to support a dedicated "Pro Shop" like regular golf?

I don't see it yet or even in the near future. DG is still a fringe sport at the moment. I live in the Charlotte, NC area which has a comparatively thriving DG scene, yet I haven't seen a single brick and mortar shop dedicated solely to DG. Every one I am aware of has some other draw where they make their bread & butter. I've seen everything from Brew Pubs, Tobacco Shops, Vape Shops and RC Hobby Shops combined with DG but have yet to see an exclusive DG Shop.

If you have strong enough internet/mail order sales you could support the brick and mortar shop that way. Retail Storefront with warehousing for internet/mail order sales in the back.

Not trying to burst your bubble or anything just hoping you have thought this threw carefully before you take out a second mortgage on the house.

This http://www.anotherrounddiscgolf.com/ is about the closest I've seen to what I think you are talking about. They do a weekly web cast with visiting pros, they sponsor all kinds of local DG events including many inhouse events. But they also sell craft beer.

Best of luck.

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It's a tough market.

I'm an owner of Another Round and we do everything we can to sustain. It's a total passion and the people are fantastic, but be prepared for a grind.

We definitely have our weaknesses, but we try to serve our community and understand our customers the best we can. As far as serving beer, it was something that just sets us apart and provides a unique environment. We happen to love craft beer too and the NC beer laws allow us to capitalize on it! It's still a disc golf shop #1 and always will be

Good Luck!!

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So, I'm coming back to this thread three months later with an official update.

After research within my community, it was ultimately determined that it was the general consensus that a disc golf pro shop would not flourish eefectively to the extent of pursuance. In short, I have not opened a disc golf pro shop.

Most local players, including some pro players, ageed that "We're not quite there yet." Although I do not necessarily agree with that, it didnt seem as promising of a business model as I had hoped.

Other ideas did arise in the midst of all this planning. The idea of a disc golf themed bar came up. A local pub that has baskets instead of dart boards was sort of the feel for that one. Then you start getting into liqour licenses etc.

In the end, I want to thank everyone for your advice and support. I'm appreciative to have this community here on DGCR to bounce these kinds of ideas off of. I learned alot and I'm glad I at least tried. Ultimately, i'ts just not going to work right here right now.

In closing, thank you all again and good luck in your own adventures. Cheers!
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Sounds like you're out for now but if you ever reconsider I think there's a good market for a combination bar/liquor store, Chinese buffet, disc golf store. I'd pretty much be there every day.

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We had a putting league at a local Brewery that ran for 6 weeks on Wed. nights, and was bringing in 30-40 participents. This was great for their business obviously. When the league ended, they were immediately wondering when a new one could start up. A bar with a putting league might not be a bad idea.

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