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Originally Posted by SaROCaM View Post
Not SW22, but again, you are shifting the burden where it doesn't belong. The one making the extraordinary claims carries the burden of proof.

Here are some observations:

His one leg drill with a fairway driver goes about as far as your full run up throw with a distance driver.

Others (even just in this thread) throw midranges, some even putters, that match or put your driver distance to shame.

People throwing 450', 500'+ are following/have followed advice from SW.

Those who throw far also give the same or substantially similar advice.

People who are paid to study, analyze, and improve athletic performance promote the same or substantially similar principles.

It isn't that your approach can't work, it's just that there isn't any solid evidence that following what you are saying will lead to 450-500'. Throwing mid-300s in 3 months doesn't mean much. Some people throw that far right away. Doesn't mean they understand how and/or can teach others to throw far.

Go put in your time and effort like you talk about and when you get to 450'+ you can come back and talk with some authority/credibility about what you learned and what works to get to that point.

Until then the perception may be that you are someone on the earlier part of the graphical representation of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
Just like to know where the critique is coming from. Does he throw 500, 600? How long did it take him to get to where he's at now? Just want some reference. That's all.
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