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^Yeah over the course of this thread I've definitely figured out that timing = snap!! And now that I am getting the timing, I have to focus on the snap to make it stronger. All the advice has been great, especially making sure now to use my shoulder hard "through" the snap or outward pull. Plant leg bracing feels great too, it gives me balance, keeps the nose down, and gives me 20-30' more power compared to when I screw it up.

I saw that Nikko video too, it's insane the height he gets with the nose down! I think that's something that I'm going to have to keep working on, getting the right lines for 400'. Letting the disc fly. Right now I'm mostly hitting line drives and variations of that (hyzer flips/different shapes). I'm not complaining though, it's great for golf!!!

Thanks again everyone, timing = snap and the feeling is good. Right now here are my standstill distances, all average and consistently attainable with many molds across that "class" of disc:
Putters: 285-300+ (Aviar shorter end, Anode/Wizard longer end)
Mids: 320-335 (Roc shorter end, Core/Claymore longer end)
Fairways: 350+/- (Teebird/River/Jackal/Thief/Saint...all are nearly the same distance, just the line/trust is different due to stability)
Vulcan (my only warp speed): 380/slightly more

Thanks so much everyone, I know I have another "it" thing to get with the full hit, but I have been feeling some good things with adding in conscious wrist timing...especially more easily with putters/mids. Then I have to work back in a step and X-step eventually, which has proven difficult to maintain my timing with when I've tried. So I'll save that for last...I'd way rather have the accuracy without it and my distances are still good for my local courses to park most holes. All this work has been worth it to get to this point, it's great to watch the disc fly straight where you aimed it!
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