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Default Lid Lovers

There is a lot of lid love on this forum. I was doing a little reading about disc history and slower discs. Wham-o frisbees, midnight flyers, puppies, aeros, and the like have really piqued my interest. I love my ultrastar which I use for frisbee games like catch and ultimate. I'd tested plenty of other people's lids before for fun but the slowest disc I had actually used for disc golf previously were aviar-ish speed discs. I read a couple of years ago that the rattler is Discraft's rendition of puppy-esque slower disc golf disc and now I finally bought a 175 D Rattler.

I've been throwing it around a lot and the flight is wonderful. It is plenty overstable and fast for 200-300 foot drives and the slower speed is definitely more appropriate for shorter shots. But to my surprise I've found so far that however much I prefer the flight and performance of the slower disc the comfortable feel of my magnets and challengers far outweigh it. In fact it is making me want to seriously trial faster discs like midranges for putting. I still carry it around with me in my bag for second shots and practicing but so far my favorite use for it is for catch and messing around. Who loves their lids?
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I'm quite enamored with my old DX Polecat thanks to tbird888's suggestions, but I don't use it for the same shot you're describing your Rattler. I use it for short tunnel shots with a decent ceiling where I can pop it up on some.huzer and let it run straight, floaty upshots where I need to land nice and flat, big floaty turnovers and get out of trouble shots where I don't have much room to reach back or manipulate shoulder angle.

For the winter I've been using the YIKUN Claws. It has more HSS SO I can crank on it but it has very little LES which gives it the typical lid flat, dropping finish.

My dad is the lid king though. He carries an old DX Aero, a Superhero, a Hero 235, a Polecat and his main putter is a Rattler. He also bags a Sonic from time to time.
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How is your Claws aging Andy? I benched the Lock Jaw because it developed turn pretty quickly for being so HSS when new. While I know Salient's working on a more durable blend of Karbon, I put a Polecat back in the bag because it's close enough in flight and has been through hell and back while retaining its HSS.

And to stay on topic, there are two things about these molds that appeal to me. 1. It's great to pull a Polecat out of the bag, throw it, turn around, take a drink of water, grab a towel and wipe the sweat of your brow, pick up and put on your bag, and turn around to find the disc is still in the air! They are so slow. 2. Pulling it out of the bag, having people snicker at the mold, only to have them get real quiet when you nestle it under the pin.

Someone once said to never trust someone with a lid in their bag, and it couldn't be more accurate. The level of ability it takes to make these discs (and Polecats might as well be a beveled-edged disc compared to many molds) do what you want is astounding. From those that I encounter on the course their games could benefit from having a lid in their bag more than all the warp speed drivers they have. Just because the pros throw certain molds doesn't mean they're better suited to your game.

While I wouldn't dare turn my nose up at any lids/lidlike putters, my heart really belongs to the Polecat. It's the perfect combination of stability without being so deep that my baby fingers are reaching for the flightplate. In R-Pro it's neutral from start to finish at any speed (but it's pretty flimsy), and in DX it actually has a little fade as it slows. While everyone goes ga-ga for the Champs, mine lost stability faster than my current DX, and the DX has seen monumentally more use. I've gone back to DX and couldn't be happier. I guess that year of spamming the proshop's email account requesting them was kind of a waste!

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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
For the winter I've been using the YIKUN Claws. It has more HSS SO I can crank on it but it has very little LES which gives it the typical lid flat, dropping finish.
I've thrown the Salient version of this disc and it is a fun, unique mold. Tons of lid-like float paired with a very surprising amount of HSS. I could almost throw it with the power I give my Suspects, with a bit more hyzer, and it just flies straight. I've gotten some crazy approach shots with it, too.

I wouldn't seriously consider bagging the disc until it came in premium plastic, but it's a fun mold to throw for sure.
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I have a couple soft Rattlers fro pLying catch with my kids. Plus we throw a Zephyr and Hero Super Sonic once in a while. Cool to throw. It would probably do me some good to use themin rounds.
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DX Polecat. (Like Andy, because tbird wouldn't shut up about them. Seriously, thanks though.)

I have more fun throwing the Polecat than any other disc, for the same reasons tbird mentioned. And he's right that you need to throw it differently. It's the anti-crutch of golf discs, and I love it for that. It seems people are apprehensive of how to range it and overshooting their target, but spend a little time learning it and that's no problem at all. It's stable, better in the wind than you'd believe, and makes a sweet long range putter.

I recently bought a couple of Zephyrs also. I won't bag them in a tourney bag (for one they won't fit), but these are an absolute blast to throw also. And even slower than the Polecat!

Tldr: Learn to love your lid.
It freaks disc golfers out.

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If I bagged a DX (or R-Pro, or Champ) Polecat for only one reason it would be this: It makes those boring, long, approach shots on holes too poorly/well designed for my skill level actually fun and birdie-able.

My buddy that I started my disc golf journey with was making fun of my Polecat this weekend but I think he withdrew his ridicule internally when he had to put effort into missing long approaches with his Aviars whereas I just mindlessly ran the basket with the Polecat and occasionally hit metal. These discs are just the Easy button, it's like playing catch with the basket.
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Polecats are fantastic. And much more comfortable in the hand than the Rattler in my experience.

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Tbird:my Claws is holding up pretty well. However, since it's winter I'm not playing that much. There is a bit of gouging on the rim but so far no change in stability. I was worried about it a little because I'd heard so many comments about easy they eat up.

Cosmetically, my Claws looks rough. But it flies the same. A very unique lid.
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love them all.. Rattler and Sonics the most though .. i have 3 aces with one of my pro d rattlers .. oddly enough i dont have ANY in the bag atm
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