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Default Popular discs you just don’t like

So, there seem to be molds out there that seem to be universally popular and large numbers of people seem to use and enjoy them.

There are a number of those popular discs that everyone seems to like that I just couldn’t click with or couldn’t get that magical flight that everyone loves.

Here is a short list of popular discs that I don’t like.

Innova Thunderbird- I own/throw/bag a fair amount of speed nine stuff but have always struggled with the Thunderbird. Not sure why but I really have issues getting a good release on a good line.

Latitude 64 River- Seems to be a very popular fairway driver. I have three or four in the stash and had a couple of others that were lost during the time I was seriously trying to like them. Finally gave up and went with the FD instead and never looked back.

Innova Leopard- Everyone swears by them and I tried a few. Talk about inconsistencies between individual discs. The first one I got hoping for slow, glidey, easy distance was a beefy, glideless meathook. Thinking I got a dud, I picked up another one and that thing was flippy like a Franklin Albatross.

What popular discs do you not like?
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Nobody hate me, please, I'm just responding to the thread question...
I don't like the Roc very much at all, there I said it

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Wizard. Doesn't work for my spush putt

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Everybody here throws the Groove. I’m just not that into it....

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The following really grind my gears:
Anything from Innova/discmania that claims to be swirly
Roc( hand feel is literally (figuratively) a garbage dumpster of molten lava.)
Destroyer( can't stand the inconsistency)
Crank( flies well, just couldn't get used to it)

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Innova discs in general.

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Roc and Buzzz. Im trying to figure out the Roc this year. I bought almost every type you can get to test out. But so far those 2 molds.

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There are quite a few for me; Buzzz- never could dial it in or unlock the magic glide others seem to obtain.

Wizard-Tried to like it, but the big bead and deep feel didn’t work for me.

Judge-same as Wizard

Nuke- too OS for my backhand, not quite stable enough for my forehand.
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Comet and it irritates me. I see others throw it the way I love making a disc fly but it just doesn't work for my grip.

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Default Popular discs I don't like

Leopard. Weird hand feel, and I never loved the way it flew.
EMac Truth. Too flippy and inconsistent.
Proto Kong. Massively overstable and glideless. I still need to try a regular/current Zeus.
Beast L. I love the Beast X mold, but the L mold sucks. Clunky flight.
SL. Regular Starfire is great, but the L version is odd. No glide or real distance.
Wasp. I can't even come up with a real reason here. I simply don't like the Wasp. Didn't do anything good for my bag.
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