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Originally Posted by MaxFlight View Post
When you no longer have confidence in the disc. A disc leaves my bag if I can't think of the last time I threw it, or if there's a similar disc that does the job better. If you can't pick up the disc and say "think disc is perfect for ______" then there's no use for it in your bag.
Sometimes I take things out of my bag and put new things in, and sometimes I revisit old discs that I haven't thrown in awhile.
As for putters.... There's likely nothing wrong with your putter, but more likely your putt. That said, you also need to have confidence in the putter you hold. The most important thing about a putter is the way it feels, as you won't see a huge difference in flight within close range between different putters. Throwing putters is a different story.
This really describes my philosophy as well. Almost exactly, actually.

If a disc has multiple catastrophic throws and I can't rely on it, I will often pull it and try something else to see if it improves. I've been adding and pulling understable mids for years trying to find the one that "clicks" with me. As my form changes and (hopefully) improves, I've put some of these discs back into rotation in order to see if things are different. Sometimes they are, sometimes not so much.

Sometimes I add discs and see if I like them. If I find myself throwing them a fair bit or like the flights, they get to stay. If I throw it and don't care for it, it comes out.

Sometimes I find discs overlap or I've "outgrown" one. If I realize I hardly ever reach for a disc, I pull it out. If I notice it's missing while it's out, it can find its way back in. Had a big purge along these lines when I realized I could get my Buzzz out to 300' but couldn't get my distance drivers any farther than my fairways. Yeah, my game is in an awkward spot.

Sometimes discs get pulled for aesthetics. I am a sucker for bursts and swirls, but sometimes I just like a color or plastic type better.

I actually just came off of a long hiatus from putting with my Pure. Couldn't rely on it I felt like so I switched to using a Zone for maybe 6 months. I cleaned up my form and realized I was missing a neutral straight disc and was struggling with some shots due to it being out. Now both Zone and Pure get putting duty depending on what I need at the time. My confidence in the disc was a big factor in it coming out and in again.
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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post

I mean if you had a disc that was one of your go-to discs that you could always trust (putter, mid, driver, whatever) and suddenly you just couldn’t throw it or trust it like you used to is it time to find a replacement
Yes. To your larger question about discs in general (not just putting). I just recently retired two discs that have been staples in my bag for a few years. I found myself reaching for other discs in their place - which just meant it was time for them to go.

One indicator for me: I regularly bag several new courses in an outing, and at the end of the day, I mentally go through which discs I used most and least. If in the course of 36-54 brand new holes a disc hasn't been used much, I tend to wonder about it. Is it so "specialized" that it wasn't needed? Did I not think to use it? Or did I lean on others in situations where I used to pull it out?

This may sound dumb, but I'll admit to some small sense of relief after pulling those two discs. It was like I had been emotionally invested in hoping they'd "get better." Now I'm just enjoying the new kids who've earned their way into the bag. It's just the Circle of Life, Simba...

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Confidence is everything in this game. You cannot expect to score well when your confidence is down. The discs only do what you tell them too - it's a piece of equipment. So there's nothing wrong with your putter or your form for that matter. Allow yourself to have the confidence to make those upshots as you have plenty of times before with that P2.

If you're at a moment where the game is stale to you, I don't think it's unreasonable to try new discs to create some new excitement/confidence in your game.

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If I'm off with my drivers, I don't really get to choose when to replace them.

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Originally Posted by dreadlock86 View Post
it sounds like the special one is beat to the point that it's outside the magic zone now. and the fresh ones are too new. i think you need to pick one to beat in and get it to the magic zone.
Takes too long.

If new P2s are too stable, try a P1. There are different molds for a reason
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Don't throw your putters, and don't putt your throwers.

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I move on from a disc when it stops doing what I expect it to do. If it becomes too understable and rolls over everytime I throw it I stop using it.

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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post
My putts are good. Well, as good as they’ve always been anyways.

It’s those 150 to 275 foot throws that used to be a thing of beauty and would occasionally find their way into the basket that I’ve been struggling with. I’m sure something must have changed with my throw but I miss the way the P2 and I just clicked. I’ve gone to throwing a Zone if I have room left or right to work it and if I need a straight shot I’ve just been throwing one of my putting putters.
Did the decline of your throwing prowess with the P2 coincide with the introduction to more throws with your zone? Perhaps the zone's reliability has made your P2 shots seem more difficult since the P2 is much more sensitive to nose angle.

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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post
It was just a disc that I had dialed in and knew I could trust. I took it out of my bag for a little while and was experimenting with an Envy. While the Envy is a great throwing putter I just wasn’t parking shots or drawing metal with it the way I was with the P2 so put the P2 back in the bag but haven’t had the luck with it that I had before.

Maybe it’s still upset with me for dumping it for the Envy? Perhaps it feels scorned and betrayed and our relationship just won’t ever be the same again?
You didn't originally say you cheated on the P2. I suggest either counseling with the P2 or just moving on to the Envy. It is clear the P2 is envious.

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Unless it's windy. I'm one of those which putter feels right at the time.
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