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Line-up as a whole makes the decision easier I think - mainly BASELINE - I do not like Innova or Discraft Baseline which is odd because they are the Top dogs and been around longer - Innova has great premium same with Discraft - but baseline stink - just a fact - Trilogy has nice baseline options and decent premium - I'd prefer Inn/Disc over Trilogy for that but With new Opto X or the firmer kinds itll be easier to say trilogy - but I wouldn't overlook Prodigy - Their baseline is pretty solid, 400 has always been nice but a lil gummy, then 400G is super nice, 750 is solid as a rock but still grip, 200 is probably a forgotten relic haha - So....idk, I think all companies have good plastic Legacy is nice too, love me some pinnacle - If I HAD to chose 1 company with the best overall selection.........oooooofffffphhh....tough one. Probably Trilogy just because the Baseline is super nice and has 3 firmness and the premium is only getting better -

but if you ask me I'll take Pinnacle from Legacy, Z from Discraft, 400G from prodigy, Electron Firm from MVP, eh whatever, everything is pretty good nowadays
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Firm: Prodigy 750, Innova Champion Luster. DD Lucid-X . . .and maybe new Ti from Discraft

Medium: Prodiscus Ultrium

Soft: Kastaplast K2 or Discraft Z-FLX

Basline: Kastaplast K3 or Discraft JB
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Lat. 64 of course.
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Originally Posted by VictorB View Post
Gateway has the best baseline plastics by far.
Thought about this a little more, and I actually think I like prime/classic/equivalent lines better than gateway plastics.

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If we are talking individual plastic blends, I really like Prodigy's gummy semi translucent one, Idk what it's called though because what the hell is up with their naming system anyway?

Of the solid colored plastics, I like Neutron best, and of the metallic looking ones, I like Plasma.

Baseline I am not a fan of really for any brand, but I did like my Omega SS quite a bit, so whatever that plastic is would be my favorite there.

If I had to pick an entire lineup it would be MVP as they have 2 favs out of 4 standard plastic types, plus their soft Neutron is pretty great. Their Proton is decent, though I liked it better when it was a bit stiffer than the Neutron. Baseline is passable for baseline, just warps easier than others due to the overmold I think.
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Across the spectrum, it is Discraft. High quality control on the blends with a nice range of textures and firmness.

At one time, I would have said MVP, but no longer. Their discs are flacid now. I will say that Electron Firm is the nicest baseline on the market though
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This is easy. Prodiscus Ultrium and Premium are hands down the best plastics right now. They are pure plastic. Tough stuff. But Gateway has the best basic plastic. And if you can still find 844 blend from them, it's pure magic.
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Originally Posted by tylerc View Post
strangely my favorite lineup of plastic is prodigy. The 400/400g is one of my favorite premium blends, it has grip but also isn't soft. The 300 is the best baseline plastic, it has lots of grip and it decently firm as well. The 350g and 750 blends I used to really enjoy but not anymore because of the extreme firmness and lack of grip. I really think a mix of the 350g and 300 would be the best blend of baseline but I just look for a firmer 300 disc usually.

it is weird to say prodigy has the best of anything.. latitude 64 is pretty close I just haven't experienced their baselines.
I was using a PA1 & PA4 for a few years. Not bagging them now because I've been working to minimize molds and found myself liking the Roach/Berg combo more. That said, I was very impressed with their plastics. 350g, 400g & 750 were what I used mostly and really think they are outstanding blends.

I liked what they did by revisiting their H-series. They rushed their driver lineup and it was good to press restart.
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Legacy has a great blend and every single one feels and flies great. Innova star and g star are also amazing. Haven’t tried many others yet
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I do like the Trilogy plastic lineup but my issue with them is not making all the discs in base plastic like Innova and Discraft.
I'd really like to bag a baseline version of the Lat64 drivers I throw for some of those questionable (ie water) shots.
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