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Default plasticss BT Soft, Medium, Hard

How do the BT plastics (hard, medium & soft) compare to other more well-known plastics?

1, are the BTs like a good baseline blend like some of the gateway plastics? (S, SS, SSS, eraser, organic S &SSS)

2, How does the stiffness/flex compare to something like Gstar, Star, KC pro

3, Is the grip on soft and medium is something like XT, tacky, chalky? and hard sounds more like KC pro?
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Soft and medium ding up in a round. Hard I don't throw. Supersoft is edible.

The plastic is top notch - grippier than most baseline stuff.

Very flexible.

Very grippy
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I like the BT also. Medium is a hair stiffer then most GStar. Hard is close to KC Pro, maybe a tick more grip and flex. Soft is even more soft then GStar.

I like Medium and Origio.
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Origio = Prime which is a little different than the BTs. Grip and flex usually feel in between BT medium and BT hard, with drivers being a bit closer to Hard.

Soft you can fold. (Gateway sss? Some gateway sss anyway.)

Medium you can flex but has stiffness. Imo this is a great stability for grip on driving putters and sticking landings. (Softer innova pro)

Hard is very stiff but has great grip imo for its rigidity. This is what I would use if I wanted to throw something with premium characteristics that I could season and cycle. (DX but more like Stiff pro, and more durable than either)

Unfortunately Jeremy Russo doesn't agree with us on the demand for BT/zero hard verdicts and enforcers/giants/any overstable driver really.

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Gateway RFF is closes in feel to BT Soft, it songs up super fast, tacos easily, can be rolled up and used as a telescope... And the flight doesn't change much. I have two partially clovered BT Soft Harps from the first run that look like bunk but still fade hard.

BT medium is like soft X ish it's somewhat flexible and won't taco as easily still scuffs and dings easily.

BT Hard is my least favorite.
It's like if you made a KC Pro that deeper dings easier, but doesn't get the wavy flight plates or develop the extreme ugliness that the others can. Though it's a bit slick for my Taste, not a bad plastic.
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All the bt plastics are fairly chalky, when new the soft is like gateway rff floppy but if u taco it it will hold for a bit until you bend it back. Supersoft is floppy and literaly like a pancake but still a bit chalky but more rubbery. The medium feels similar to the soft in chalkyness and it has a bit more firmness to it, similar to gateway ss/sss.
Hard is my favorite it has decent grip starting and no flex at all and is a bit chalky but once you break it in the plastic gets alot more grip and gets some flex to it. My beat up hard harp feels in the middle of the new hard and medium, just a bit of flex but not enough to be considered flexy. It starts feeling like gateway s/ss and breaks into feeling like ss.
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