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Default Valkyrie

Which plastic works best for Valkyries. I was throwing a champion valk but lost it and need another. Was wondering what advantages one plastic has over the other for valks.
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pro valk will beat in for you and become a flipmaster flex, i like them and want more. star valk can handle lots of oomph and hold long lines, plus beat in to a sweet turnover disc

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I've heard good things about Star but never thrown it. I have a newer Pro that I'm still beatin' on & my main D is a 4X JK Champ. I've tried newer Champ Valks but thought they were crap & I love Pro plastic but the Valk has a slightly slanted rim that some people hate. I don't really notice it
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I have a Star, Pro and DX.

For the Valkyrie, I use the Pro for most shots. The Star for "gettin it down there" far as I can. I like Pro for cold mornings for zee grip.

Pro Valkyrie in about mid 160 ish is one of my favorite discs.

DX (in a different mold) is another fave plastic.

I used to think that some of the people here and their input about plastics was crap, but I have learned by doing that there is some science to it and the way the flight gets shaped by different plastics and the way they wear.

One of the old timers here sai it best, just figure it out yourself.

Best advice I have been offered here.

I like a Pro, yor experience may vary.
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I throw lightweight Valkyries in Champion plastic. They fly true for a long time and they make durable rollers.
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If you haven't thrown a DX I think you should consider getting one. Keep throwing it until it beats in and gets understable, too. They're really good long turnover discs.
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I personally prefer the Christain Sandstorm verison myself, which comes in Star plastic. It does everything I want it to do. Straight shots, S shots, Anhyzers, hyzers it's amazing. I didn't like the DX plastic to much, then again that's just me.
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I like the Champion, seems to be a straighter flight without the fade of the star plastic.
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The pro I had was an awesome hyzerfilpper, I think it was 171
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i rock a light champ and a heavy champ... good combo for tail/headwinds
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