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Default I can play this game...maybe

Probably an odd post but I have had a round of dg bouncing around in my head for a few days now and need to analyse it a bit out loud.

So in reality...I am an 808 rated player. I am mediocre to say the least but I love to play and can occasionally string a good hole or two together...but 6?

Playing the tough layout at my local course I found myself as the final member of the top 5 bag tag challenge. In this group was a former Aussie champ, a US Veteran player, current Aussie masters champ, last years runner up in Advanced in the country...and me, the guy who finished 68/72 at Nationals.

6 holes down out of 9...

US vet - 18
Former Aus champ - 19
ME - 20
Current masters - 22
Top Adv - 24

An OB, blown putt and tree hit and boom Im in last...but for 6 holes I felt like a player and more importantly my respected rivals treated me like one. It felt better then any ace...and I wish i could have finished it off.

So...how do I bottle this, or at least find this again??? Ever had one of these rounds/runs where u felt like a much better player then usual...how do learn from it. The rounds been in my head for days..both for the good and bad.

Oh and the Jackal is an amazing disc...probably my favourite now, so damn accurate
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First, congrats on a nice 6 holes. Every once in awhile, an amazing round or series of holes comes along. I think events like that lend a glimpse of your potential. You still had to make the shots, even if you normally dont. The only difference is consistency. As you get better and play longer, consistency will improve.

I personally shot the 3rd lowest round of the whole tourney from intermediate, in my second tourney with a 50 in my first round. Bogey free with 4 birdies.

Long story short, the wind picked up, I sucked in the wind at the time, and threw ob on back to back holes and ended in third in int with a 62 for my second round. It still stings thinking about letting the win slip away. It gives me confidence though, knowing I can compete, and it sounds like you know exactly what I mean now.

Good work
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How you bottle that level of play:

You've already got that level of play. You just proved it to yourself. You need to keep playing often to have that level become easily repeatable, but the best thing you can do to stay on that level:
Believe in your game. You have it in you and you know it... Now, just go throw it!

Congratulations on stringing some very nice holes together, it's very nice to realize that even if you'll never be World Champion quality, you can still be one heck of a competitive player.
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Statistics : There are always peaks, but they are far above your average. What you are asking is how you can get your level up so much that that peak you experienced becomes your average.

Training, training, training.

You probably played like a 900+ rated player those 6 holes. You will feel that way again 1: from time to time when you get peaks or 2: all the time if you practice hard enugh to become a 900+ rated player.
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I hope you enjoyed the run. I've had a few solo rounds where i surprise myself - makes me feel less ashamed at the cache of discs hidden in my closet

I'm closing in on a year of playing, and I have gotten so much better, and it's all because of playing or practicing 1-2 times a day, rain, snow, or shine.

If I practiced putting, who knows how good i'd be.

So yeah, agree w/ Smigles.
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It's so much fun when your game comes together for a run like that. It's one of the things that makes the game so addicting for me. I work and practice, and then every once in a while it pays off and every shot goes where I want it. The more you work at it, the more you'll be able find that place consistently, it's a combination of building the muscle memory and finding that mental attitude that lets you focus only on the current shot.
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Won my first event, Advanced division at the Jesmond Jam in Newcastle, and felt really good. Drives were average but approach game was on, and only blew one legitimate putt all day. Previous day I carted -3 over 2 rounds during the warm up even outscoring a few of my Open division friends!

Went into the event with an 820 and had rounds of 868 and 838 (I had a lead so I played conservatively)...mission to get back to 850 well and truly on track...
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