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I've heard good things about the Chainstar Pros, but I feel they are a little cost prohibitive. At least the pricing I have seen.
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If you can afford them, MachX are the fairest catching targets I've experienced. There is basically zero chance of a kick back or a spit through, which are the most unfair chain/target reactions (in my opinion). The catch zone is also larger than the Prodigy pro targets, which seem very eager to push discs out to the side.

Discatcher Pro is always a good option. The only real unfair reaction you see with those is a slice through if you're high & hyzering on the strong side, but that idiosyncrasy is a pretty well known thing and it can be accounted for by thoughtful players.

If you want hilarious bad targets, get Mach II's. I think those were actually intended as a prank at one point, but by some cruel accident they went into mass production.

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If you seek to get baskets that are both a)cost-efficient and b) universally popular, you're never going to find an answer. You're never going to have a basket that will get no complaints, and as you've discovered, some of the most popular (or new) choices might be more than you wish to pay.

Sounds like you've done some research into pricing and availability. Decide what your priorities are for a target (catchability, visibility, ease of installation, material, etc) and pick the one you feel fits your priorities best. Honestly, you can't really go wrong with pretty much any basket marketed for permanent installation (I've been to places that use practice/portable targets retro-fitted for permanent installation to mixed results).
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What sort of course, and how much does visibility matter?

I'm of the radical school of thought that the relatively slight differences between catching ability make all of the top permanent baskets acceptable.

But if you want visibility, nothing screams "Disc Golf!" like the discscatchers in standard yellow.

On the other hand, if you want inconspicuous, go with DGA or any other unpainted baskets.

After that, it's a matter of cost, and deciding if the higher-priced baskets are better, and better enough, to justify the higher cost.

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DD Veterans, especially since one caught my first ace.

Runner-up goes to DISCatchers; they're really grabby.

Least-favorite high-end would be Prodigy baskets with the chain mail and light-green band that is hard to see. They're bad to push putts out the side. Worst I've ever seen on the course were Lightning-II's.
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Mach-X. Fairest catching basket, and made by the company that invented the target as we know it today.
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Anything but Chainstars works for me.
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The newer DISCatchers are the best IMO to catch both the soft and hard putts (are they all called Pro 28s now or are the original 24 chain ones still an option?). Mach X is a close second.

The Prodigy T2s are a nice improvement from the T1s and I hear Prodigy is pricing them very aggressively these days. I do worry about paint fade on anything Prodigy though.

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Might be time to update the poll. This one is three years old.
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I think they all have a weakness. Different baskets handle different putting styles to varying degrees of dependability. I love Chainstars. I have essentially putted on them a ton, most courses around here have them. I am pretty confident I have adapted my putting style to match them. Hence the reason you will never get a consensus. My favorite basket is the next one I get to throw at.

If most players had started on old Mach I, II or III's, this would probably not even be a point of discussion.

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