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Default Max Distance Advice - Lower Weight or Lower Stability?

Just curious how everyone else approaches this subject. When going for max distance, do you go with super low weight and reasonable stability, or do you stick with higher weights and drop the stability?

I'm forehand dominant, and my max distance is somewhere around 400'. I'm most consistent with a Star Wraith around 170g released on a slight hyzer. I've been playing around with various weights and plastics in the Wraith, and I've been experimenting with a few other drivers, but I haven't played around with anything stable and light.

I'm wondering if it's worth trying out a 150 class Destroyer or Boss. If I go light weight with a Wraith, it just gets too flippy, even if I give it more hyzer. The only other driver I've tried at low weight is an Elaine King Fission Photon, and that thing is beefy, even at only 152g.

So what do you guys prefer to do for max distance (assuming wind isn't a factor)? Light weight disc with reasonable stability numbers, or heavy and a bit understable?
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I guess I personally split the difference. Low 160's discs with middle of the road stability. My max distance disc is a 163 gram MVP Wave in plasma plastic. I guess it's more on the understable end of the spectrum, but not crazily so. Especially at my 350'ish power.

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I hit more of a fade than I do a hyzer, the disc I use with a heavier weight in the 170's such as a Zenith 174g. Turnovers lighter weight Star Mamba 148g the longest disc in my bag, and Fission Wave 149g turnover or fade, both open spaces. Dead straight Fission Wave 160g no canopy, Plasma Wave 171g with canopy, those are my longest disc for those type of lines.

I also have an Elaine King Fission Photon that I used for wooded courses to hold a longer line before fading current weight 169g, but when I had the 174g a longer line, then became too flippy, I'll pick one up closer to the 174g when I see one. I did try a 148g hoping to compliment the Star Mamba, but it faded way too quickly and didn't stay in my bag very long.

jakebake91 has caught my interest with Plasma Wave 163g. When I ordered the Plasma Wave I also ordered one between 160g-164g, and another 165g-169g they've been boxed the past few months, and I don't remember the exact weight. I may have to pull them out and see if I can pick up distance with height, something that didn't work out so well with the 171g used as a mid-level flight disc.

Add in at least moderate wind everything changes except for the Star Mamba, Fission Wave's 149g and 160g they all take off longer.

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both of my measured 500ft+ shots on flat ground were with a max weight but lower stability disc: Pro Destroyer and Icon Cannon so that I could get a full flex line out of them. However in a round I would never throw either for max distance. Would rather throw something more reliable to 450
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I hit 154m in a distance competition this spring (160m during warmup) and I threw various i-blend Emperors around 169g. Generally quite flippy, especially as they season. But they're still essentially Destroyers so they do have the will to fight at the end most of the time.

But the type of stability and or weight really depends on how you want to throw. I threw flat to anny sky high to get as much wind boost as I could. Others want to throw more hyzer and probably not as high as I do. Also how much wind you have to work with matters as well. If I didn't have that wind I could never release my discs on such an angle for example.

One of my friends who I lost to (no **** haha) throw 150s Bosses (he has some European junior records) and hit 250m on that field during some very windy practice once. He throws hyzer. Another throws a myriad of Destroyers and Wraiths (probably a Scorpius as well), all max weight. Another friend who set the womens distance world record twice did so with the Orion LF around 150g.

So basically, get some of each and go into a field and practice and see what type of disc flies the farthest.

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Finding the shot shape/style that matches your body and swing preference is really the key to biggest distance.

Otherwise learning to properly throw the distance line is your other option.

Which is hyzer flip to turn and hold then fade back.
And its a difficult shot that requires good nose control, lots of spin and the appropriate arm speed to keep the disc pushing while in turn and in fade.
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