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7 drivers
3 fairways
2 mids
3 putters

Not all are different molds but I intend to reduce the number of molds, keep same number of discs in my bag and have more duplication of molds with different weights and plastics.
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10 molds total ratio putter:mid:driver is 2:1:7
Disc Count ration is 4:3:12

2 putter molds (4 total) 1 Mid range mold (3 total) 2 Fairway molds (2 total) 3 Control distance driver molds (6 total) and 2 max distance molds (4 total).
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Depends on how you want to classify, but I try to stay around 1:1:1:1:1, or 3:2 for driver:approach

3x Speed 11-13
4x Speed 9-10
3x Speed 6-8
3x Speed 4-5
4x Speed 1-3

does not include putting putters.
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My ratios change a little based on course length, but generally speaking:

3 throwing putters
5 mids
5 fairways
3 control drivers
3 max distance drivers
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5-6 putters
3-5 mids
6-8 drivers

Conditions may vary. I like 15-18 discs during tourney rounds.
Nice 10 year necro.

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I have;

4 DD

Gives me all the shots and a couple of backups.
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Originally Posted by lines View Post
Nice 10 year necro.
For sure!

I bag:
- 3 putter/mid hybrids
- 4 drivers
That's almost 1:1.

If I would throw 450 feet, I'd probably have (two) more drivers.
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I have 2.5 putting putter molds as Magnet and DGA Titanic are so similar just Titanic has a spacer, for 5 discs,
1.5 midrange molds as a Shark (used for approach and driving putter needs) and 3 top true mifversions are close for 4 discs,
5 midrange molds for 6 discs but the Impact is almost a midrange and the Dragon is just like a 1mm shorter Valkyrie wing for water and open wind bombers,
then 2 driver molds for 4 discs as I have 2 Champion Destroyers, and a Star and Champion Valkyrie.

If I did not need a less grip putter for the Jawbreaker plastic in hot wether as the grip gets too much in temps at or above ~95 F, I would have not needed the Proline Titanic. Also for how non-durable the Jawbreaker plastic is for use on courses that are the almost no gaps when throwing type on the holes/hole or if I end up in rough like that for my putt shot at the basket/target. I have played a course or two that some holes are garbage untrimmed as that was how the Initial designer made the course or how the current people maintaining the course want it to be .
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Oooo a fun ancient times thread.

Currently I'm bagging

2 putting wizards (the $$$ plastic is dare I say money)
2 hucking wizards (1 super beat up eraser, 1 fresh special blend)
1 Big Z Roach (feels nice, still new, doesnt get a lot of action because my beat eraser steals shots from it)
1 Z FLX Zone

Sometimes I throw the jawbreaker roach in there as well, in case I want to throw a putter. But dont wanna lose a wizard.

So 6 or 7 discs across 3 molds for putters.

The ole discraft 1-2-3 at mid range of

Z Wasp
Cryztal Buzzz
ESP Comet

But 3 discs there.

And then a couple teebirds (Star, Gstar), Thunderbirds (Pro, Star, Champ) , and Destroyers(Pro, Gstar, Star, MF) take up a majority of my drivers. With a Champ Firebird, Star Leopard and Star Shryke to fill in the stability gaps.

For 11 discs across 6 molds there.

I could probably cut down on the drivers if absolutely neccessary. But theres no fun in that.

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4 distance drivers (Destroyers)
5 control drivers (Banzai, Undertakers, Roadrunners)
6 midranges(Quake, King Cobras, Cobras, A2)
5 wizards
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