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Well, I don't know about the O.P., or anyone else, but I suspect my field shots aren't nearly as good as they seem. A shot 20' off line in a field isn't noticeable; the same shot on a wooded course might be a bogey, or worse.
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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
Well, I don't know about the O.P., or anyone else, but I suspect my field shots aren't nearly as good as they seem. A shot 20' off line in a field isn't noticeable; the same shot on a wooded course might be a bogey, or worse.
good point. maybe why I get bored with field work; it doesn't tell me much!
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For high/ low releases I have been reworking my drive completely. I have eliminated any run-up and now take a 1 step (plant) and throw. My weight transfer and my reach-back have greatly improved which has resulted in less sky hyzer bombs. Due to the frigid conditions I haven't thrown as much as I would like so will probably keep this up through February before adding back an Xstep. I have easily added 30' to my max distance and about 10-15 to my average drive after about a week. Sounds crazy but so far form trumps momentum/ muscle. Hope this helps.
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Dont feel stressed about playing with others. I have a friend that falls apart if we have a new guy in the group. He rushes his throws and trys to throw farther than usual. Just be yourself and play your game.
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Just keep putting yourself out there playing with groups and it gets better. When I first started and was terrible I was uncomfortable playing in groups or even playing through. But the reality is that no one but you even cares about your throws. They're thinking about their own throws instead.
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When I figure out something that helps with my form, I'll repeat that thing (timing, stay loose, whatever) in my head before I throw so that I focus on the new technique but it's easy to forget these things and it's even easy to forgot throwing basics when you get nervous.

Just deep breaths and try to relax, then go through the same routine you do when throwing in the field. Try to remember to stay loose and focus on timing - these two things suffer the most when I'm nervous. Overcoming nerves can be challenging at firs but it's do-able for anyone.
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I will get a little nervous when playing with others for the first couple of holes. I get this way even when I simrace online but will steady down after a couple of laps.

I think it's a natural reaction with the nerves because I don't want to make a complete a$$ out of myself on the course and will feel a little nerve even when playing with family; a couple of my nephews are MUCH more advanced players than me (also 30 years younger), having grown up in a time when this game has been popular in my area as where when I was their age I had never heard of disc golfing. They have helped my game out tremendously though, teaching me about the different discs, their characteristics, proper throwing technique, lines etc., as will anybody I play a round with if they are much more advanced than me. If it is a person I just met on the out on the course and they want to do a few holes together I just tell them that I am old and my body is worn and I just started playing the game Seriously, when I play with one person in particular, who is twice the player I am, I just try to stay within 1 stroke of him per hole, even getting a couple of tied holes and once in a while winning a hole. No one has ever laughed (out loud anyway) at my playing and if there is any laughing out there it's just when playing with family and we'll get a little laugh now and then whenever one of us makes a really bad throw. I've seen enough advanced players make bad throws, miss some easy putts, etc. out on the course so I never feel too bad about my own ability. Besides, I am too addicted and get too much enjoyment out of playing to worry much about winning a round. I just love to get out and do it! Now if only some decent weather would just come along so I can get out and play a new course that just opened about 10 minutes away from my home....

Disc golf seems to be played by a different class of peeps compared to some other sports. No one is there to belittle your talent (or lack thereof) when playing, or trying to psyche you out or whatever and are just out to have fun themselves. It gets competitive at times, but in a good way. So far as tournament play goes, I can't say as that is not my venue. If I ever entered a tournament my knees would probably be shaking due to nerves and I'd probably hit the first tree or OB I encountered

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Be one with the disc !
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Originally Posted by tankmlee View Post
Aim your body towards the shot you are making dont try and change your release angle.
Originally Posted by Jay Dub View Post
My whole body? I don't know how you would do that or I'm not understanding what you mean.
Its my understanding that most of the "aiming" should take place with the feet and hips. You shouldnt even have to look up to throw straight. If your feet are correctly placed in relation to your hips, and youre pulling through straight across with your elbow you should have a hard time NOT throwing straight. Unless youre either griplocking or actually trying to open youre hand rather than the disc being ripped from it. Im certainly not an expert and someone please correct me if im wrong..

I would jump over to the form thread and ask sidewinder22 about that.

As for being around others at the course: that goes away. As you become more comfortable with yourself and your game, you also become more socialable in regards to it.
When i first started i would wait in the parking lot for people to leave the course just so i wouldnt end up interacting with anyone. Now i kinda like the idea of running into people mid round. Sometimes i actually throw better around others now. Dont know why really i guess i just feel more alert. Then again, 99.9% of the time im alone anyway. Im always so focused and absorbed by the game that i never even think about what other people are doing or thinking. Anyway, that part's all mental and goes away as you grow your game. Hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by westdisc91 View Post
Hey guys. So been playing for a while. I know this might sound dumb, but I am having a hard time playing courses with other people. I can't seem to throw like I do when I practice my forum in a field. I seem to throw high throw low hit trees. Any tip on to overcome this?
You could just have been having an off day? For me I actually play better when I play with other people, especially randoms. Playing with others always brings out the best in me.
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