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Default 2015 ITB

Years playing/experience: 4-5 years / ~930 rated advanced
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: Right
Throwing Style: RHBH for 95% of shots...working on the forehand
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver:*
Harp: out to 260'
Truth: out to 320'
Saint Pro: out to 360'
Trespass: out to 400'

Age: 28
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: Nada
Other sport proficiencies?: A lot of baseball...played just about every sport (except curling )
Additional Information:*
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: I think I have everything finally nailed down...have minimalized to my favorite molds
Specific areas of desired feedback: Just looking for input
Immediate and long-term goals: Consistency has been my thing in the past...and it all comes to confidence in what I'm throwing. I've thrown near 1000 rated rounds, and 890 rated rounds. Hoping this season with minimalizing to what feels good and flies like I want it, I will be able to keep that confidence higher.

BT Hard Harp x2: Putting only 30ft and in
VIP Harp: Fresh/OS putter for driving
BT Hard Harp: Beat/Very straight. Will hold an anny to the ground unless given extra height
BT Med Harp: Up shots under 150' I want to stick

Classic Truth: Beat/Hyzer flip to slow turnover, and big annys
Bio Truth: Used/Hyzer flip to straight, slow turn on anny with small fade back
Lucid Truth: Newest/Little turn, straight and slow hyzer, line holder

Lucid Verdict: Used/Straight with dependable fade
Lucid Verdict Proto: Fresh/Faster, stronger hook up and fade

Lucid Felon: OS/Big hyzers, flicks, wind fighting

GL Fury: US/Huge annys, rollers

GL Saint Pro: Beat/hyzer flip to slow turnover, annys that hold w/o turn&burn
Lucid Saint Pro: Used/Hyzer flip to straight, line holder with some fade
GL Saint Pro: Fresh/Poptop/No turn, straight, late dependable fade
Moonshine Saint Pro: Fresh/ No turn, faster/stronger hookup/fade

Lucid Enforcer: OS/beef, huge hyzers, big wind, utility
Fuzion Enforcer: Beat/Straight with strong reliable fade

Fuzion Trespass: Used/Poptop/Slight turn w/reliable fade
Lucid Trespass: Used/Minimal turn, minimal fade. Very straight w/little lateral movement
Bio Trespass: Used/Good smooth turn with late come back, big S curves on hyzer flip
Lucid Air Trespass: Used/Huge annys with no come back, hyzer flip to smooth turnover with no come back.

So, that's about it...22 discs and 8 molds

I know the putters are what tend to throw everyone off because I don't have something US, but my beat BT Hard has not let me down. Only putter shot I don't have it a hyzer flip, but if I need something that tight on the course that doesn't allow my to work the angle of the disc enough, I'll throw forehand...which I am making a point to work on this winter.

Let me know what you guys think!

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