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Default Further than my Tern?

Just curious if there's a disc that all things being equal on my part (ability to throw the disc) would go further than my Tern does? I'm now getting pretty consistently out to 340 with the occasional "everything firing correctly" throw out to 375+. There are so many new discs out there, especially from the Trilogy group, that I just don't have the time to research all the new discs. But during tournaments I've seen peeps in my division saying good things about the "Ballista" and other discs. Makes me curious.... Thx.
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At your distance you might look at the DD Freedom/Westside Destiny if you're set on going with a faster driver with a similar flight as the Tern. Easy distance.
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At your distance a lighter Tern will go further if you have a heavy one, and a Star one will go further than a Champion one.
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After you pass 400, you will have diminishing returns from a Tern. At a certain speed the Tern is going to flip too much to truly max out distance without having to throw it perfectly with just enough hyzer to have the perfect s-curve. A more stable disc will be able to be thrown faster without rolling over too much to control.

But that is in the future. Right now you need to focus on technique with a perfectly capable disc for your arm speed. There are faster discs that are also a bit understable, but constantly switching discs to find the "best" is a endless search. If you like the Tern, both how it feels and flies, continue with it until it seems like it is worth switching to a more stable disc. But the best way to throw further is not another disc, but throwing the disc faster and with better technique. That can only be achieved through practice.

But if you don't want to put the work in, just get a King or something.

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If you're seriously looking at trilogy molds, check out the Bolt, Havoc, or Sorcerer. Gold Line/Tournament plastic has more glide for maximum distance, but Opto/VIP has the better grip and durability. I haven't thrown any of the speed-14 molds yet, but I've heard good things about the DD Freedom.

Assuming your Tern is in the 165-170 range, I'd go with something in the 160-165 range for discing up. If your Tern is heavier, maybe get a lighter Tern, as was already suggested. If your Tern is lighter than 160g, definitely get a heavier Tern before discing up.
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I'm a big fan of the Tern because I'm 55 and may never reach that true 400' accurate tee shot on a golf line. It's the only high speed disc I bag (the next speeds in my bag are 7-8: Teebird & Stag). But I now have about seven Terns of differing weights, plastics, and conditions of wear. Typically, I'll have three or four in the bag to handle that day's course and wind.

For me, staying with a single mold has made me focus ore on my technique, & I've improved this year from 280-300' out to 330-350'. I know I can add more distance with more consistent technique, so that's going to remain my focus. Happy to hear several folks on here support the notion.

I hope you find the satisfaction of a long driver that really works for you, even if it's something other than the Tern!

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An icon cannon at 169g will probably bomb for you. It has a ridiculously fat rim but thats what you get for going for max allowable rim width. Also with your tern are you getting a decent s curve or are you reaching that distance with a line drive? I get 390 with my icon outlaw on a line drive but an s curve with 390 with my ddx.
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Low 160s glow tern or whatever's the most stable you can get.
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Something light and squirrelly. Bliz boss, king, et all.
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King, that's all you need to know.
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