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Default Smaller Disc Golf Companies

Hey guys,

Like many of you I throw a lot of Innova discs as well as other bigger companies like Gateway or Discraft. I have a few discs by others I throw like Prodigy, Westside, even a couple Lightning discs I got for next to nothing.

But I am of the belief that sometimes a small passionate can create something great and that it should be supported if possible.

Of the smaller/newer company's who is making the best plastic? Are there any must have discs outside of the major players?

I've seen some positive reviews on UB, Daredevil, Yikun and a few others. Who do you like and why?
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I like ABC's plastic a lot. I've only thrown their Flying Squirrel though and it didn't gel with me.
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Daredevil - Timberwolf, Swift Fox
ABC Discs - Flying Squirrel,
Vibram - Ibex, Trak

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MVP has a lot of quality discs. all three of the slow fairway class are really good. resistor servo switch. the volt is a must have. And if you haven't seen this yet
https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.n...03500914_o.jpg nuff said!
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I would have said "Legacy" but they're not so small anymore. Still an awesome company
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Legacy..there, your whole bag is set.
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I'll second the Daredevil recommendation. I have the Wolverine. Nice stable-to-overstable fairway driver. And killer stamps!
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I personally love Vibram. Not only do they produce amazing discs (only rubber discs on the market) with a longer lifetime than plastic, but they also do more to support the pro tour than any other company out there. Vibram has been the presenting sponsor of the PDGA Pro Tour for the last 3 years I believe. That is something quite amazing considering how small their markets hare is compared to Innova and Discraft. Furthermore, the head of Vibram Disc Golf, Steve Dodge, is fairly active on these forums in the Vibram Disc Golf thread, which allows for reliable information on new releases and other activities with Vibram Disc Golf in a fairly short time frame.

My personal favorites of the Vibram line-up are the Lace, Ibex, and Sole. Below is my own personal description of each.

Lace - This is basically a more controllable Nuke in my experience. It is also rated as the furthest flying disc on the market by inbounds disc golf.

Ibex - This is a mid that I like to describe as what you would get if a Buzzz and a Comet had a baby. It has enough stabilty to handle good amounts of power, but also has great glide and powers down nicely. The cool thing about this disc is that it pretty much just gains glide as it beats in and loses low speed fade.

Sole - This is Vibram's traditional shaped putter. It has the stability of a Challenger or Wizard, but feels more like a Magnet in the hand. It has great glide as well.
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Originally Posted by kutz167 View Post
Lace - This is basically a more controllable Nuke in my experience. It is also rated as the furthest flying disc on the market by inbounds disc golf.
where are you seeing that? sorting by distance here shows that there are 6 discs that fly farther according to Inbounds - with the Cannon and Rampage being the longest: http://www.inboundsdiscgolf.com/content/?page_id=431
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My vote would go to either Dynamic Discs or Vibram. Both companies in my opinion support disc golf more than any other companies. Both are relatively small companies and both their fair share of supporting the game.
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