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Default More Than One Putting Putter

Daughter is awake and puking, currently 4:32am and yay.

Anyone ever hear of or see discussion of using more than one "go to" putter? Is it that ridiculous to use a(n) uphill/downhill/tailwind/headwind/L>R wind/R>L wind/forceful/gentle/whatever putter? Sleep deprivation and three Troeggs Perpetual pounders probably don't hurt, but let's start a discussion.

More than one "putting" mold isn't stupid. Change my mind?
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I use wizards for 'straight forward' putting.
I use a lid when trees are a factor.
I recently have been using smaller diameter mids for long putts (I can't jump putt).

I'm with you Mr. Crowder.

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I guess I technically carry 2 putting putters. Challengers for 90% of putts, then switch to a breaker or zone for stronger headwind putts. I like a headwind putter to be shallower so I can be a little more aggressive and helps get the nose angle right in a headwind, imo.
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I used to hate putters
Then I started playing my local pitch and putt with putters only
I grew to love them, both for throwing and putting
I used to bag 5 different putter molds because I could always justify a "need" for them all.
But I also started noticing on off days, I just couldn't find that one confidence putter.
I ended up saying to myself that this is just stupid and I picked one mold for putting and called it good.

Still love grabbing a stack of different putters and playing my local pitch and putt though!

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i use one go to cuz im lazy and only play rec rounds
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I hope your daughter gets to feeling better.

I pretty much only use one putter for putting. But there have been times I'm just having a bad day with the Marshal, and I'll start putting with the Stud, just to shake things up.

Don't if know this counts for your discussion, but on very windy days I go to a more OS putter for putting, especially into the wind. The Gator or the Zone do well for me into strong winds.

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in addition to their main putter i see people more commonly roll with an utility putter like a hella os putter or a soft one that hits and sticks if missed

or a certain putter for in the circle and one for outside of the circle

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APX for putting and understable duties. Bangers for straight to stable. Zone for the beef. I couldn’t imagine more than 3 putter molds in my bag.
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I mean I've had up to four putter molds in the bag for approach shots at one time, and sometimes those long approach shots go in because even a blind squirrel stumbles over an acorn now and then. Whenever I'm at a distance where I have a reasonable expectation that I've got a legit shot at making the putt, I have one putter.

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I think it was Ron Converse that said that he has 2 putting putters and the one he uses is based on how far he has to putt. I believe his explanation was something like "You use different discs for throwing different distances, so why wouldn't you do the same for different putting distances?"

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