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Question Slightly OS Distance Driver

I'm throwing far enough now that I could use a somewhat beefier distance driver for headwinds. My reference point is a seasoned 162g Fission Photon that turned over too far from a hyzer yesterday in a 15 mph headwind, taking me way off target. I'm not really looking for a meathook, just something workably overstable for headwinds.

I'm currently leaning toward a Neutron Thrill, though I'm manufacturer-agnostic and am open to suggestions. Bonus if it's available in the low-to-mid-160's.
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I would get a slightly heavier Neutron Photon. Thrills are BEEEEEEEFY. I can throw close to 500' on a hyzer flip line and can't get a Thrill past 330' thrown flat (and that's on my best throws). They ARE great for thumbers, though
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A fresh Photon
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PDs are great for this

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Originally Posted by Lumberjack504 View Post
PDs are great for this

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Yeah but so aren't Destroyers and they are available and reliable in the 150+ weights. An Axiom Defy might be what you are looking for if you want to stay with an OM.
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Champ Vikings can be found in the low to mid 160's, and might work for you. Definitely not in one of the other plastics, though.
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Proton Photons are beefier than neutrons and fissions. I throw Photons for regular D and can hit 400 every time with my neutron photon, out to 435 or so consistently, and my proton won't go over 400 for me and shows very little turn. I've turned it just a hair in a stiff headwind and that's about it, just gets straighter.
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How far are you throwing ?
I'm inclined to say Wraith/DD here.
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I would go plaz volt
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If you're throwing a Photon and comfortable with it, the Tesla is the logical choice with MVP. Fantastic straight to overstable drivers. Very similar feel in the hand and a Tesla flies without the turn a Photon has in calm conditions, but holds up much better in wind. Certainly not a meathook, but controllably stable.

Personally, I just bag a handful of PDs for this area. 175g S-PDs never flip on me unless there's a pretty damn strong headwind, in which case, I'd rather disc down to a Firebird and count on more control than distance. But that's me.
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