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Default Lay up mentality?

I have run into a new problem. I can not, for the life of me, lay up from about 80 feet. It is really costing me many unnessesary strokes and I need to correct this. Today my throws from about 200 landed closer than my layups from about 80.

I dont know how to habdle them. Or if to use mids or putter. Is it a high poweres putting shot in staggered or straddle or should i be a super low power drive with teach back a hipswing?

I eitherloose all power amd land way short or, when i put a bit more spin or power on it, blast straight by.
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The style of shot depends on the shape. Sometimes you need a driver thrown hard and into the ground to execute a skip shot around a corner or under low branches. Other times a softly throw putter is best to really control the speed.

Regardless, the only thing keeping you from throwing EVERY disc accurately from 80 - 100ft out is practice. You don't even need a basket. Just pick a tree at your uncomfortable distance and throw your entire bag at it. Collect, repeat, collect, repeat... until every disc lands within tap in range.

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My solution was to find a friend and play catch with a putter. If you think about tossing with a friend, ~80-100 ft is pretty natural so you'll quickly get a good feel for it. I personally do a very abbreviated version of a real throw on a hyzer trying to make it. I make about 3% of them and the rest land about 10-15' left of the basket.

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Originally Posted by Hoosierhodge View Post
My solution was to find a friend and play catch with a putter.
I use this in my head all the time. Somehow it becomes really easy if you just imagine it's a person standing there. Though I have spent countless hours playing Frisbee catch in my life.
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you should almost always be using a putter from 80 feet. If you can't mentally bring yourself to layup, then try throwing a spike hyzer, or a tomahawk pancake or something that has a chance of going in, but will probably stay in the circle.
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Actually committing yourself to the conservative play is one of the most difficult things to master in the game of golf. The tendency is to slack up and underthrow. Mental mistakes get better with practice just like physical ones.

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I found myself struggling from this range earlier this year too. It was just outside my jump putt layup distance, but backhand putters flew past. I’ve found two ways to be more accurate at this distance:

1. Standstill flick an OS putter. If your lower body isn’t involved at all and you give your wrist a slight flick, you should be able to get your disc out 80-100 feet. I find this more accurate since you’re always looking at your target.

2. Backhand putter, but only reach back 25-50% with slight hyzer, and aim for the cage. Any putter works for this, but the less glide, the better (for me anyway).

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Originally Posted by Audible Vibration View Post
Standstill flick an OS putter.
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1. Buy a polecat.
2. Learn to throw it in all lines.
3. Before a round, play catch with a friend to warm up.
4. Count your winnings.

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Jump putt. 80'? Jumper.

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