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As with many, discs started with Innovas I could find cheap at Wally World. I have a couple I might bag, but those are mostly on my shelf now (custom built a little over a year ago and soon to be re-filled with the end of my season in the upper mid-west). I moved into Lightning discs for a while, but my favorite, the #3 Flyer, Gotta Go quit making (and they own those molds right now). I've bagged one or two this year, but they ended up back out. Now I'm quite a mix of manufacturers and rotate in and out with a few new ones too often (I think the guys at the local shop may know me by name, now...) :P
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Comets are top of my guilty list right now.. I feel bad. Still got one in the yard box... and 4 uplinks.

Also on the list but not so severe:
Buzzz/ Wasp
Entropy/ rhyno
Zone (I had FR ESPs.. OG Zoner)
Switch haha
Scorpion double haha
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Originally Posted by uncle pennybags View Post
I don't bag any Vibram now. I really like the feel of it, but $50 for OG 'collectible' or new limited runs is too much. I loose discs way to easy for that nonsense.
Even if I dont lose them, I cant get on board with bagging $50 discs. They better be magical or Im out.

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Originally Posted by sisyphus View Post
We're getting ready to play a fun short course with discs speed 4 & under for a 'putt and approach championship'. Since there's water on the course & I don't want to throw my 'gamers' there, I dug around to find I have 10 molds and 34 discs that qualify, but I don't normally throw.

...yep...addicted to disc golf
Several of my "don't bag discs" do get bagged for water courses and if ever one does get drowned I almost don't mind it as it's lightening my horded collection. I do have an FX-2 that I continually throw in place of my beloved firebird over water holes and it's never gotten wet. When it inevitably does I'll probably mourn it as much as I would my firebird.

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I think everyone has a list of alternate molds they'd bag in place of another disc.

I'll list what's in my bag, and what I'd replace it with.

Sexton Firebird- Raptor or FD3. Literally a million molds you could choose here.
Explorer- Teebird or Evader.
Feldberg Boss- Nuke.
Excite- Katana, D3 or something else fast and flippy.
Roc3- Buzzz I suppose, but I really do like the Roc3 better.
Buzzz SS. Don't throw it much. Mako3 is the obvious replacement.
DD3- Destroyer or Zeus.
Nomad- I go hot and cold with putters. If I replaced this it'd be with a McPro Aviar.
Anax- Obvious replacement is a Vulture, but a Thunderbird or Getaway would also work.
Nuke OS- Ape is probably the next best thing, but an XCal would work.
Get Freaky FLX Z Zone- This would be tougher to replace, but I'd go with a Harp or Pig.
Z Flick- I'd have a hard time replacing this one. No other mold mimics the Flick.

My bag is always open, meaning that if I find something I like better than what's in there, I'll replace it. That said, I won't replace stuff on a whim. I need a good reason.
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Keystone > P1
Envy > Ion
Harp > A2
Glitch > Polecat

Quake > Malta
Nebula > Reactor
Warship > Rift, Chariot, Qms, infiniti choices
Fuse > Tursas, Comet, Uplink, Origin

Tilt > Splice
Pioneer > Draco, FD3, Ahti
C-PD (new) > Felon, Instinct
C-PD (old) > Eagle
Saint Pro > Eagle, Undertaker, Escape
Stag > Eagle, Heat, Sting,
Seer > Leopard

Opto-X Ballista Pro > Force
Opto Ballista Pro > Octane
Opto Ballista > Excite, Catalyst
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My regular bag is Pilot/Upshot/Zone/Warrant/Truth/Verdict/FD/Valk/Thunderbird/Firebird/Wraith. When I travel I like to put together a small bag of discs I don't normally throw (except a Pilot or two, which always stay in the bag), and it usually ends up looking something like Pilot/Harp/Buzzz/Teebird/Sidewinder/Krait, which are all discs I really enjoy throwing. A few others I love that don't make the cut—

Saint and Saint Pro: I could bag these in place of my FD/Valk/Thunderbird combo, but I like the slower speed of the FD and the extra stability of the Thunderbird.
Hero 235: The best catch disc I've ever thrown. I've tried bagging it in the lid slot in place of my Upshot, but the larger diameter seems to throw me off during a round of disc golf.
Volt: I'm not even sure why I quit throwing Volts.
Pure: Pures are great, but the Pilot's extra glide is just too nice...
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I have a stack of Wizards and Invaders collecting dust thanks to my current love affair with Alpacas.

Im running a minimalist bag for the colder months so I’ve pulled the Eagles and my Zone and Comet for now too but they’ll probably find their way back in the bag
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I have some Gateway Elements that I should bag. I enjoy throwing them, but they are limited in their usefulness. (They suck in the wind.) It saddens me to think they are damned to collecting dust but they're too sweet to trade off.
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