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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Well, the vid is in German, but I assume he was pronouncing it how it's pronounced in Swedish.
That was the German pronunciation, but it may be the same in Swedish.
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German engineering in the house....
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Originally Posted by ElementZ View Post
That was the German pronunciation, but it may be the same in Swedish.
I searched and couldn't find a video of anyone saying the name of this disc in Swedish. Kymen has a bunch of vids, but he never says its name.

Either way, however you say it, it looks like a great disc. I look forward to BroD's and Sloppy's review.
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I really did like the Kaxe, what really holds it back in the US is the high price tag/low availability.

It has been a while but when I asked the Inifinite guys they said they wouldn't be carrying it.

Definitely interested in trying out a Kaxe Z though.
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I have thrown the kaxe, and kaxe-z. They both seem to be great discs. The Z flew like a slightly more stable leopard for me and the kaxe I would classify as a slightly longer champ roc. I tend to overthrow a bit if I reach for either in a midrange situation as they have sneaky distance. I think the discraft storm comparison is a good one for the kaxe-z.

I really like the plastic as it has a nice tacky, slightly flexy feel. I havent thrown a lot of prodigy, but their opaque champ like plastic (400?) comes to mind.

I thought the rask was a turd and did not have much hope for these, but I find they are great discs.
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I threw the Kaxe and Kaxe Z today. Not a ton of throws but enough to know it is worth further testing. The Z compared to the Champ Leopard is pretty good. It does seem more like a fairway driver than a mid in looks and feel. Kind of nice having a slightly stable to over stable disc like this for shots I can't wuite reach with a putter or mid. My quick thought is it might be really useful for heavily wooded courses. I need to test it further and see how it shapes lines in the woods. It also might mike a nice compliment for someone that throws a neutral mid or putter for a lot of their shorter shots. All in all it is a nice disc, just not sure where it fits in people's bags.

Brotherdave had a few throws so he'll probably chime in at some point. He had a few really nice long throws with them. Well, long throws to me at least. And nice throws for a fairly slow disc. We had some light wind out there and it had zero impact on the Kaxe or Kaxe Z.
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Kaxes are more driver then mids, like stalkers, sabers, zombees, etc. It's subtle, and I can see how you can consider them hybrids. The beaded one, regular kaxe, is surprisingly os. Not meathook beefy but enough that it fades decidedly on less than full power rips. It would make a nifty os mid/driver for someone that wants something between a, say, hornet and banshee. The bead isn't very noticeable in feel.

The Z is a better line shaper but still fades solidly at the end of flight. I imagine this would beat into Buzz straight disc, retaining good hss and mellowing in lss. Kind of a beefy champ Leo flight. Glide on both is fairly good but you definitely know you're huking a slow driver. Really like the plastic, good grip, good medium between stiff and gummy. A trio of these two and a impact or beat squall for understable would make a nice minimalist or disced down bag.
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Originally Posted by TheBMeistor View Post
I really did like the Kaxe, what really holds it back in the US is the high price tag/low availability.
Hello. First post for us. Thought we should begin by commenting this quote, which is true.

Yes, we hope for better availability in 2015. Both Kaxe and Kaxe Z have got great reviews, so naturally we'd like to get them in the hands of as many as possible. As for the price tag, we work a lot on quality and development, and we're a small manufacturer, so I guess that explains it.

Two new Kastaplast-distributors are Clearwater Disc Golf Store and Disc Nation. More discs from us in 2015. Putter in January/february.

We'll check in on this forum from time to time. For more updates on Kastaplast, follow us on Facebook. /Jonas Lindberg
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Next time I order, I will be getting a Z. Maybe with Christmas money.
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The price at clearwater isn't bad at all... $15.95 and free shipping past $45.
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