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Default Pure Vs. Spike

I recently ordered a Deco Gold Line Pure for putting. I like putters with more durability and therefore went gold line. Deco is the only GL currently available as I didn't want recycled gold. And Gold has some tackiness but with durability over zero. That's just my style of play. And Gold seems tackier than Star (to me at least).

Anyway, I currently putt with a star aviar and have been having some great luck with it lately. Luck meaning my putts have been dead on. However, I have been bouncing out of the chains when normally, if I hit the same spot with my Yeti, it would go in. BUT, my Yeti, now beat in, has become less predictable in the wind than my star aviar. So it is sort of a lose lose. I am hoping my GL Pure will help with my issues.

Ok, so getting to the question, I am now looking to add a disc to go along My GL Pure and Star Aviar but for short driving purposes. 250 feet in. My Star Aviar can be dead straight but it can also flip easy with headwind. If I hyzer a little (or a lot in heavy headwind) it will fly dead straight.

So, will an Opto Pure or Opto Spike fit my needs for a driving putter? Or maybe Champion Aviar? How do the two fly differently in different conditions compared to a champion Aviar? Which can be thrown harder without flipping over? The Spike is faster, but it also has that -1 stability, so I wonder which is more stable at high speeds.
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Spikes turn and are not available in Opto. What you want is an Opto Pure. Should be straight at 250 for you with minimal fade.
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I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that the Opto Pure is one of the straightest driving putters out there. Next to no turn and next to no fade. Put it on the line youwant, and it goes. Before I broke in my BT Harp, the Opto Pure was by far my favorite driving putter... There's just no thinking needed behind it. Get one and you won't regret it.
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I had a GL pure and it was pretty silck, grant it was before they did production runs. I loved that it was GL and durable, but i didn't like the feel compared to grip or zero. I haven't thrown an opto yet, but i hear they are dead straight laser beams from another planet. Pures in general are great driving putters.
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Just pair an opto with a zero. Cover your turnover/neutral and straight stable lines, then pick a driving friendly profile over stable for windy days when you really need a clean release.. Pure, pure, sinus or whatever. You're complicating things unnecessarily. Pick some workhorses and have done with it.

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I absolutely love my Opto Pures. Can't go wrong in my opinion.
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I pair a Champ Rhyno with my Opto Pure. However I hear the Envy is a great choice as well.
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Pure is a straight shooter for sure. I like the Scale for wind though- low glide and very overstable.
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I've only thrown the Pure a few times, but it was decent for sure! Definitely liked it better than the Spikes I've thrown. Many swear by Pures. However, the Envy and the Chief are my two favorite driving putters. The Chief is just a Wizard I can power grip cleaner so I prefer it. Beads FTW.

Oh, and the Scale is amazeballs.
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