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Question Huk Labs Dye ?

Hey everyone, so I'm about to send off some discs to Huk Labs to have the giant black Tri Fly dye put on them. But I'm confused by a few things and need some help clarifying how it all works?

So I notice on their website, they have lots of discs already for sale that have the large Dye on it WITH the stamp STILL on the disc. And I've noticed if you look closely at them, it looks like the Dye is sometimes underneath the stamp from the company! Which first of all, how does that even work? If they get the disc in from Discmania with the stamp already on it, THEN dye it, how do they get the dye underneath the stamp? That seems impossible. But it could be simple since I have no idea how they dye.

And then they do the opposite on other discs. They put the black dye on TOP of the stamp from the factory.

So does anyone know how they are doing that? Are they ordering blank discs from the company, putting their dye on it, THEN stamping it with the company stamp? Take the below discs for ex. How does it work? It never says on their website that you have to take the stamp off. It just states that if you take the stamp off it's 15 per disc. And if they take the stamp off it's 20 per disc.

But what if I just want the stamp to stay on there and have them put the dye under or over the stamp, like the majority of their discs show on the site? Can they do that? Because, if you look at these photos on their site, it looks like they can and do. But They don't really make that part clear.

This one looks like it has the Dye on TOP of the stamp

This one looks like it has the Dye UNDERNEATH the stamp

Thanks guys
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I doubt the stamp is over the dye.
Innova does not typically release un-stamped discs outside the company.
I would bet the farm that BOTH discs are dyed over the stamp, whatever the appearance.

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I sent some discs to be dyed by them a few years ago and they had me wipe the stamp before I mailed the discs to them. I suggest you give them a call and they will be helpful in answering any questions you may have. I found them to be very easy to work with and they always do a good job.
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Hot dipping doesn't remove the stamp. It's easy to put a hucklab design on a disc without affecting the stamp at all.
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Those both look the same to me. The color of the stamp is what is making them look different. But in both cases I would guess they dyed over the stamp. Depending on what they are using for dye, it's totally possible to dye over a stamp and leave the stamp completely intact like that. And since foil doesn't absorb dye, it appears that the dye is "under" the stamp, like that.

The more interesting question for me would be how did they keep the vinyl from messing with the stamp? That's the hardest part of dyeing over a stamp and trying to keep it intact - pulling the vinyl off tends to pull the foil stamp off.

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So I just called them to find out how it all works and it's like this. You can keep the stamp on if you want, or take it off. It's your choice. They'll dye right over the stamp if you want. But the stamp type makes a difference of how it ends up looking. So the shiny metallic foil stamps don't absorb dye, so that is how some of their discs look like the dye is UNDERNEATH the stamp! Because the dye absorbs into the plastic, but not the metallic stamp.

But if the stamp is matte, then it WILL absorb the dye. And it ends up sort of blending in with the dye. That is why some of the discs "look" like the stamp and dye are both together.

Some of the discs look like the dye is on top, some look like the stamp and the dye are together, and some of the discs look like the dye is under the stamp. He said fifferent color stamps will mix with the dye and make new colors basically and it's usually a different turn out each time. Unless it's a stamp they have done a lot of in the past, ,then he knows what it will turn out like.

So I'm just going to have them put the dye right on the stamp, as I don't really care to waste time taking it off, and it looks pretty cool with the stamp and the dye together anyways. I do prefer just the big Tri Fly logo, but I'm not wasting time or money to take off the stamps.

And then a few of the discs I'm sending them are blank, so they'll just have the dye logo. Jay was super helpful and nice. I'd recommend calling them for any questions as it's kind of hard to get a hold of them through email. And I'll post some photos once I get them back, so everyone can see how they turned out.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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