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Default Different Plastics Test Dyed

Disclaimer: This is my first time dying discs.

I recently bought some Rit Dyemore (orange) to dye some discs to make my bag all one color. I did as I normally do and went completely overboard and proceeded to dye about 24 discs of all different brands and plastics and some different colors. Some took really well and other, well, you can be the judge. My process was to fill 2 pans (not pots) with water and put in roughly 1/6 of the bottle in each to 8 cups of water. When heated this caused some of the liquid to evaporate so I was continuously adding some water and a bit of dye as needed. You definitely want to make sure you have an exhaust on the range and you may even want to use a mask. The dye did not take very well initially but worked really well when heated to around 140-180 degrees (verified with a thermometer). I was continuously turning the stove on and off to keep the temp in that range.

I attached a pic of the entire lot, with 2 pics more zoomed in. I can provide as much info, pics, and test some others if you would like. I have about 3-4 hundred discs and a few more could use some orange dye

The top left 4 were all innova color glow discs. These actually took the dye pretty well, the longer I left them in the redder they got as you can see the color gradient from left to right. These came out a mostly reddish brown, but the ones left in longer are a really pretty deep red color.

Next on the top row is 4 400g D2s that took the dye very well, the first was a purple one that actually took the dye and is a deep burnt red. The next 3 were plain white ones that worked extrememly well. Probably the next best compared to the 10x KC pro plastic.

The middle row are Innova Luster champ and a 10x KC Pro TB. These all came out really well, the two died were actually yellow to start and the dark one was blue initially but turned into a color shift type hue. The 10x was white and maybe took the die the best out of any disc I tried. It looks even better in person.

Following them in the middle are 3 proto d2's that took the color well, but warped with the heat of the liquid. They do look pretty stunning and one was left in longer and became a really great clear reddish orange while the other 2 were much lighter. I would not suggest this unless you are ok with a bit of warping, the 400g plastic takes the dye just as well and does not warp. The last one was another white 400gd2.

The bottom from left to right are a discraft z buzzz which worked ok considering it was already dyed american flag. A classic blend burst suspect which turned out surprisingly well. It was white and grey and the white portions took the die while the grey/black didn't, leaving a unique burst effect. The next 2 were moonshine truths that needed a bit mroe time than other clear plastics, but eventually took well.

The next 4 on the bottom are all rhynos starting with a white DX, a white original pro, and 2 SE's the first was white and the second was yellow. The yellow one turned out better as it was a bit cleaner and so it took the dye better. The white pro plastic was the cleanest fo the rhynos which is why I believe it turned out the best.

All in all it turned out well, and I may do another batch in the near future. It was pretty fun dying these discs. I may play arouned with some stencils. I would love some suggestions for where to buy good ones if you have any.

Thanks for looking!
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