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I just picked up two DD3s but still no enigmas. However, when compared against my main DD (pop top shrykes), they are much straighter but just as long. The shrykes required some turn to get max d when thrown flat but the DD3s did not. It was really strange how much glide they had and sneaky distance they achieved by not turning at all.

My point is it sounds from peoples' experiences with the enigma that it is nearly identical to the DD3. I wonder why they would make two nearly identical discs? Maybe the enigma was supposed to be more US?
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Originally Posted by racer93 View Post
I wonder why they would make two nearly identical discs? Maybe the enigma was supposed to be more US?
Enigmas are more understable, just not a lot more understable. I think DD3s have a stronger fade, probably a little more HSS, but they both have share the tendency in staying straight for the majority of their flight, depending on the power they're given.

Part of what you touched on could be Discmania wanted the highly-sought after Destroyer clone in their Originals line and they wanted to introduce a highly-sought after distance driver in their new Evolution line. Based on who is manufacturing the plastic, I assume the Neo Enigma will wear a lot faster than S-line DD3. While they're both very similar discs I think they're catering to different enough consumers.

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Enigma is definitely more under stable compared to a DD3. I’ve heard a lot of people comparing Enigma to be somewhere in between a DD3 and DDx. I find this to be true, but closer to a DDx compared to a DD3. I got a full ride out of the Enigma everytime I threw it. Another thing I like about the Enigma is when it starts to fade, it is still pushing forward. This should give a couple of feet extra. A lot of Destroyers, even those that are fairly beat in, likes to hook left when the fade kicks in.

I get the sense that Enigma wasn’t as angle sensitive as a DD3. When I missed my angles with Enigma and threw it with more hyzer than anticipated, it still flipped up. The DD3 I have that is beat in, is still more angle sensitive imo.

For me the Enigma was easier to get up to speed, had a lot of glide even though the top was fairly flat, it had a small dome. It’s not a good headwind disc.

I really liked the Enigma, I’m not sure I will bag it however. For those who think a DD3 is just a bit to OS, Enigma is definitely a good catch IMO.
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I've ordered 5 Primals (173 x3, 174, 175)

I normally bag Proto Raiders and domey Lucid Trespass. The Raiders are for wind and the Trespass is basically everything else. I'm not sure why but I keep seeking a disc to replace the Trespass. I say not sure why because for me it is a unicorn disc that flips up nice, has a little turn, and a small fade. Hitting them hard (but not silly) I can get great distance. Easily what a Ballista or Shryke gets me but with much more control and predictability.

The tech specs on the Enigma are near identical to the Trespass except 2.2cm wing vs 2.1.

I'm hoping that the slightly bigger wing gets me the additional distance I've been wanting out of the Trespass but with close to the same control.
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