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Default Ball Golf Course Tolerance

It has been discussed before, but after watching first round coverage from both Utah Open and Goat Hill, I just struggle to want to watch the next round...

My tolerance is slipping...

Both courses certainly have challenges and test the players game, but open fairways, roped OB, baskets on mounds and near sand traps are just boring to watch (in my opinion)...

The big tourneys thus far have been primarily ball golf courses...

Next week, another ball golf course in SF (though this one has a bit more character), and then Santa Cruz which includes a ball golf course...

I just don't like the trend...the majority of the first half of the season is this....

I know that it has grown the sport and is better for spectators but, boring...

Makes me long to see more golf at Idlewild, Brewster Ridge, Iron Hill, Maple Hill, etc.
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Agreed! Not much else for me to add.

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I just would like to add that I don't even like PLAYING dg on a ball course, never mind watching a tournament on one. Too boring. I hope it not a trend, but it seems that it is right now.

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It's definitely more fun to watch pros play holes that you can identify with as a spectator/player. Unlike the majority of sports, disc golf is one that for those who watch it, also play it. Almost none of the diehard football fans ever actually play.

Point is, very few players even have a chance at par on most of the holes on a Golf course since distance off the tee is the main deciding factor. It is fun to watch them throw the disc so far, but it gets old fast. I'd rather watch them play a more woodsy course where I'd still be thrilled with par and see myself having a fun round at the same time.

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I agree the Utah course was a bit boring. That said, I don't mind watching DG coverage on ball golf courses. I thought the course they used in Vegas was nice. It gives the pros a chance to open up the big distance on some holes. I'd almost rather see that than guys struggling to thread midranges through the forest on every hole.

In a perfect world you'd get a course that combines raw power with accuracy/skill.
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There is a certain Joy to seeing those bomber shots that we will likely never make... but yeah I don't like long distance ball golf style courses.. I know distance is a big part of the game but those open courses aren't all that interesting.
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Open disc golf in general is just a snoozefest. I usually stop paying attention to the videos after WACO and pick back up with BSF and the eastern half of the year...when they actually play good courses.

Even the Master's Cup to me isn't a guaranteed watch since they added that weak ball golf course to the tournament.

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Being used to very wooded courses, Milo (BSF) is about as open as I prefer to play or watch. Watching Fountain Hills is just a dud. Maybe a tightly-wooded little par 3 ball course might seem interesting, but I don't know. I played Mulligans Creekside in Ogden and enjoyed it, but imbibing and offroading the golfcart may have accentuated that experience.
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This happens early in the season every year for me. The Memorial isn't too much better even though not on a golf course. SFO will be a little better, but I look forward to Masters at Dela, the BSF/Portland Open, Idlewild, Maple Hill... Of course, the WACO and Nick Hyde had more than their share of technical, wooded holes. But I understand that's easily forgotten after two weekends in a row with GBO, Goat Hill, and Utah.

That said, I realize that scoring separation among the world's top disc golfers is only achieved by an annoying mix of OB and open distance, with the technicality of woods golf somehow becoming an afterthought. Fun to watch? Not particularly. But if you want to see the best try to beat each other, you have to tolerate some of that "ugly" disc golf. At the same time, just be thankful for the Milos, Maple Hills, Moraines, Deer Lakes, and Idlewilds of the world, that separate good players and still look good doing it.
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What is the reasoning for playing on these ball golf courses? I thought it was to allow more space for live spectators. Is that really worth playing on these boring courses? I would think online views would be more important. Dela is a perfect example... I love watching the original course, but I feel it is a chore to have to watch the final round on the ball golf course. I will probably just watch the last few holes on the golf course.
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