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Default Diversity in the bag?

Alright so if I'm jumping in on a hot topic here someone let me know before I get started so I can dump the thread,

But as far as maker diversity in the bag, is there some sort of stigma against having both Innova and Discraft in the same bag? I've noticed that a lot of players will carry just one type and swear by their brand, whereas others will mix and match as they choose.
*note: I know some players get sponsored to throw a certain brand, but I'm speaking more in terms of your average, everyday player.

Is there some sort of advantage to sticking with the same producer? Such as a familiar grip or more similar paths of flight between discs?

Personally my bag is split down the middle with Innova and Discraft and one Millennium thrown in the mix, and it works out pretty well for me.

Maybe its just a matter of personal preference?

I thought setting up a poll but I would rather hear actual explanations rather than just stats. Soooooo any input?
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it has to do with preference for the most part, unless you are snooty. most of my drivers are discraft just because i've found them to be most comfortable in my hands and easiest to control. i do, however, always keep a nice beat-in beast in the bag (pro beast right now). i'm a bit more partial to innova mids, however. i throw the roc and the aero every round, but i also carry a meteor for turnover shots. i putt with wizards, and if i wasn't putting with those, i'd be putting with innova sonics.

so again, i think it's pretty much a matter of preference
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There seem to be a number of areas of the country that are mostly Discraft or mostly Innova. For example, Dave Greenwell is an Innova sponsored player and has been for... well a very long time. So because of that, the Louisville area is mainly Innova. Huntsville, AL seems to be the same way probably because Lavone Wolfe is down there. Discraft is in Michigan so a lot of the players up there throw Discraft.

My bag is mainly Innova because that's what I started throwing before I knew anything about disc brands. I don't dislike Discraft, it's just that they and Innova make discs that are very similar so I never felt the need to switch it up.

I have a Buzzz in my bag and a Q Sentinel by Millennium (that I occasionally swap out for a Wasp) but the rest is Innova.
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I have a majority of innova discs, but I carry a couple discraft molds. Still looking for a drone replacement, but maybe I won't ever find one.

Team Bert
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I was mostly Innova and I worked a Buzz in my Bag. Now I don't have to Much Innova... but once i disc back up I will use mostly Innova Drivers.
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I am fairly spread out. Add my Wizard to the bag and I have the major brands covered.
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It's really a preference thing, but I like whatever disc will do the job. Like a lot of people, I started out all Innova. Eventually I found a couple Discraft, then I bought some, and now I could easily play with just Discraft discs. I wouldn't let go of my Star Wraith, though, and the Gator isn't coming out of my bag either. Along with a couple other Innova discs I like carrying, my bag is a pretty good mix of the two.
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I started out thinking it would be the "cool" thing to do if i only had discraft in my bag but i have branched out quite a bit and it has helped my game a lot.

I now have in my bag:
3 lat 64 discs (river, core, fuse)
4 discraft discs (stalker, predator, buzzz, comet)
2 innova discs (leopard, wraith)
2 gateway discs (magic x2)

I trade out the wraith for a S-PD and predator for a Banshee often since they are my FH discs and i have been messing around with different things. I sometimes carry 2 stalkers as well

I really like ESP better than star and i really like lat 64's opto better than z and champ. So most of it is feel for me and how easy they are to throw for my noodle arm.
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I have 4 different brands in my bag: Innova, Discraft, Gateway and Aerobie. I think only using one brand really limits the different things you can do. I judge a disc based on how it throws, not on what brand name is stamped on it.
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Most here are pro-mixed bag, just like the underline of your post. As long as your discs are legal, you're good with me. I don't think anyone really gets an advantage with a mold or two, I think it's more skill.
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