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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
It's a sidebar issue, but I find grouping players by who they came with a bit odd. I mean, if you wanted to play the course with your carload of friends, you could have just driven to the course and played it casually amongst yourselves. One of the charms of league and tournament play is meeting and playing with different people.

If you mix the newcomers with the regulars, even if you don't announce the house rules in advance, or don't announce all of them, there'll be a regular in each group to fill the newcomers in.

Yeah exactly. We always do a random flip if it's doubles and if it's singles try to mix the groups so that people meet new people, even though most are local or close to local.

OP-you said a large turnout but only spoke about your group of 4 and the local group of 3. How many other groups were there? Where did they come from and what did they think of the extra throws?

I think it's odd they would do that constantly. An extra throw or two that doesn't get counted is normal for some players but to do it all the time shows a lack of concern over other people's time. I just wouldn't return for their league if that's how it's ran. Go with your buddies and play the course but it sounds like their league is just people getting together for a very casual practice round. Which is fine but not something you sound interested in.

Last night we had a guy in our bag tag league get mad over his brother being denied a challenge because another one was already in place. He thought having the top tag meant he could just butt his way in and demand others throw in their tags too. He ended up losing his top tag and whining about it. He sent a picture of his tag burning at home on his grill and left the group. This is a grown man over 30. adios amigo.
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It bothers me more that a few people have said they don't enforce rules like stance violations in their leagues. The rules are there to ensure a level playing ground for everyone, choosing not to enforce some seems like a really bad idea to me.

As for the OP, it sounds like you have a fairly legitimate gripe. As someone else pointed out if they wanted to cheat they could have just done it by pencil-whipping, but throwing that many extra shots is really just rude. Also a good point was made that it makes more sense to mix locals and out-of-towners, it is a good way to meet more people and locals can give tips about the course, like non-obvious lines. I think the thread title is very appropriate.
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yeah, id say it really depends. I am totally cool with somebody wanting to throw another shot, especially on certain holes (like an ace tee) or if you got boned by something, or if you're just retaking a quick putt. I'd say on a usual 18 hole round I will throw about 4-5 extra shots. It's a combo of practice, but also....the rarity that youre in that spot or off that tee, etc. But I don't like it at all if everybody is throwing multiple shots on EVERY hole....this disrupts the game and also, ppl lose track of their original shots, and it almost makes the game seem more of a joke, like just throwing a bunch of stuff and it doesnt really matter. I get both sides.

i'd say it it were like, 3-6 extra shots in a round....you should just chill

If it were 3-6 on EVERY HOLE, then, its just kinda unprofessional and not solid league play. whatever,
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