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500+ is inhuman. We did 552 at ONE short course, hardly any breaks. 500+ unique holes is something that only really really sinks in after you try something like it. 300 can be done. But 500+? Madness. Everything has to be on point, no delays, no breaks, jog all the way.
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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
Best place to start depends on how many you are shooting for. Actually, Kaposia to Lakewood is one of the longest drives between courses on most optimal paths. A whopping 17 minute drive.
That is why I defer to your judgment on this. I am going under the assumption that the governor will not extend the school year, so I should be done teaching for the summer by mid June. I am also going with the optimistic assumption we will not be under marshal law. And finally assuming that by then, assuming not the worst, that most courses will be open.

I figure the following:
1) you do not need to start on Hole 1. For instance, starting on Hole 9 or 10 on Kaposia means I can finish near the park’s driveway entrance.

2) you do not need to complete the course because it is only the count of holes that matters. Again, thinking Kaposia, I would not miss much by skipping the back holes.

3) completing the Hole is the key, so playing the lost disc rule, from where we think it was lost, is acceptable and can be called immediately in case I do not want to search for a disc.

I fear the following:
1) unforeseen traffic issues.

2) groups that do not let me play through.

3) lack of support from friends - a driver would be best so I can rest between rounds and also can pick me up at the ideal start and stopping locations on the course. On the slightly longer courses, he or she could run to the store to grab additional liquids or food if I am not as prepared as I think.

What I am not worried about:
1) I think I would grab several low-grade plastic stable discs. Again, so I can walk away from them if I think they are lost.

2) running from hole to hole. I am not a marathon runner, but the stop and go nature of throwing and collecting the disc, and the down time between courses, I am in more than good enough shape to keep this up for one day.

See, the more that I write, the more I want to attempt this. Now it is just a matter of the ideal starting course.

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Playing through is not a problem. You should be going so fast you'll be down the fairway before they can say "Wait, what?".

Traffic is less of a problem than you would think. Rush hours are a small part of a whole day.

I think you would need a playing partner. Without one, the whole thing will seem really silly about 9:00 in the morning when you've been playing for 4.5 hours and hit 100 holes already.

Here is a map I did a couple of years ago for a 1000 holes. It'll give you an idea of the route. Most likely starting at VQ and winding south through the cities.

There are a few new courses, So I'd need to re-do it.

Talk to Dan Schnabel before you decide anything.

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I’ll put this out here for anyone thinking about it. Here is an efficient path to play 524 unique holes with only 139 miles of driving (as the crow flies).

The asterisked courses can be skipped to get shorter routes with fewer holes. If all the asterisked holes were skipped, there would still be 298 holes along an 84 mile route.

VisionQuest 18*
Blue Ribbon Pines DGC 27*
Ham Lake DGC 18*
Bunker Hills 9*
Abundant Life Church 7*
Coon Rapids DGC 21
Orchard Trail Park 3
Galloway Park 9*
Wildwood Springs 9*
Elm Creek Park Reserve 18
Hennepin Tech Brooklyn Park 9
Eagle's Edge DGC 9
Central Park 9
Silverview 9
Bethel University DGC 18
Lakewood Hills 18*
Acorn DGC 18*
Hansen Park 12
Fridley Middle School DGC 9
Fridley High School 9
Riverfront Regional Park 13
Sunnyside Park 9*
Zachary Playfield 9*
Plymouth Creek 12*
Bassett Creek Park 15
Wirth Par 3 18
Rosland Park 9*
Hyland Hills Ski Area 27*
Moir Park 9
Red Oak Park 10
Northview Park 9
Fort Snelling 18*
Wabun Picnic Area 9
Highland Park 18
Garlough Park 9*
Kaposia Park 26
The Valley DGC 18
Oakwood Park 18
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It one thing to map out the logistics and talk about it, but...

I really hope no one's thinking about trying this anytime soon!
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That's insane. There's no way anyone could do that. The full list at least. I played BRP and Visionquest twice each in a day and that was brutal enough at only 90 holes.
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
I really hope no one's thinking about trying this anytime soon!
I really hope someone is thinking about trying this sometime soon!
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